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ND Catani Talks About His Recent EP On Lauter Unfug

ND Catani talks about his recent EP on Lauter Unfug

ND Catani is back with a brand-new EP on Lauter Unfug. The Luxembourg-based artist has invited Channel x, Danito&Athina & And.y on the remix duties.

We caught up with ND Catani to talk about his recent release‘Aground’.

Electronic Groove: Hi ND Catani, thanks for the time. Can you give us some background on how you got involved with electronic music? Is there any track that comes to mind from those initial days?

ND Catani:  Hello Electronic Groove! As a kid that grew up in the 90’s I got early involved into electronic music. I remember watching MTV with my sister where all the commercial house and techno tunes where played. At the age of 16 I met my first techno Dj who was my neighbor, he introduced me into the world of Djing and clubbing.

A track that comes to my mind is ‘Blackwater’ by Octave One, still a great tune!

EG: You recently release ‘Aground’ on Lauter Unfug. What can you tell us about the production process behind it?

ND Catani: A year ago, our label head told me that I have to move away from producing tech house and look forward to more melodic stuff. ‘Aground’ was my first try doing melodic and progressive in the recent years, as I used to produce similar tracks under another moniker a long time ago.

EG: The pack comes with 3 remixes. How do you choose the remixers and what’s your connection with them?

ND Catani: First we asked Channel X because we think he’s an outstanding artist and a very gentle person, having worked with him in the past. Danito & Athina was obvious for me because I’m a huge fan of their work, so we asked them if they were interested and they agreed. And.y’s remix is a complemental experiment.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any new releases that you can share with us?

ND Catani: Producing new tracks to release in 2019, renovate our new Lauter Unfug club-house and prepare everything for our upcoming events.

“Aground was my first try doing melodic and progressive in the recent years”

EG: Do you have any special gigs coming up?

ND Catani:  Yes, Suicide Circus Berlin, where I always love to play! Also, Electropia Festival where I play with Claptone, Derrick May & Klaudia Gawlass. And of course every Lauter Unfug event, as they are always special!

EG: Where is your dream club of festival to play at?

ND Catani: Not exactly a festival or club but would love to play at the George Amphitheater or Roman Theatre of Orange. I love amphitheaters!

EG: How’s the scene in your hometown? Where should we go to eat, drink, and dance if we’re around?

ND Catani: Actually, the scene is very active here in Luxembourg, there are plenty of good restaurants and bars in the city, to pick any in special would be really difficult, so I’d say try them all and make your own choice 🙂

For dancing, I strongly recommend our Lauter Unfug events, they happen in the city centre or in outdoor locations, electronic music wise they are the best Luxembourg has to offer!

EG: What would you say is the best and worst of being and artist?

ND Catani:  The best is meeting a lot of interesting people, venues and cities. The worst is you’ll never have enough time.

ND Catani’s ‘Aground’ is available on Lauter Unfug Musik. Grab your copy here

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