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Neverdogs: “Making The Album Was A Challenge But It Was Worth Every Minute”

Neverdogs: “Making the album was a challenge but it was worth every minute”

The Neverdogs is a story about talent and passion which began in 2000 in Florence when Tommy Paone met Marco De Gregorio: two DJs originally from Catanzaro who had begun their careers separately in the early 90s. The pairing quickly became a rising act of note, touring their native Italy and featuring across a host of the country’s most notable clubs.

With 2019 now in full swing, the duo have brought Bamboleo back to London via a series of monthly showcases at 93 Feet East with guests including Oxia, Stacey Pullen, wAFF and Nathan Barato, whilst launching the label courtesy of their ‘Underground Activity EP’ in mid-February, gaining notable support from both international media and industry heavyweight’s in the process. With further EP’s scheduled from close friends and colleagues, as well as the release of their highly anticipated debut LP across the months ahead, expect the rest of the year to welcome a wealth of original material from Neverdogs and more as they continue their rise as one of the genres most exciting acts.

We caught up with Neverdogs to talk their new album, ‘Details’ released on Bamboleo Records.

Electronic Groove: Hi Tommy & Marco, thanks for joining us. How are you both?

Neverdogs: Hi everyone! Thanks for having us. We are great, thank you.

EG: Your debut album ‘Details’ was released on your own Bamboleo Records label earlier this month. First of all, congratulations! How long did the album take to produce and how has the reception been since its release? Has all the hard work been worth it?

Neverdogs: Thank you. Making the album was a challenge but it was worth every minute, it took us a year and a half to finish it. We are very happy with the result and have received positive feedback from artists such as Nic Fanciulli, Jamie Jones, Oxia, Stacey Pullen and David Gtronic.

EG: The release almost marks 20 years as a duo, which you will, of course, celebrate next year in 2020. Why did you feel that now was the right time to write an album? 

Neverdogs: We have always talked about making an album over the last ten years. It has always been our dream to produce something that tells our musical journey, touching the genres that influenced us throughout our career. Getting close to twenty years of work together is what gave us the drive to create “Details”.

EG: As mentioned above, it was also released on your own label Bamboleo. What was the decision behind this and can we expect more future Neverdogs material or will you still release on other key labels too?

Neverdogs: We decided to release it on our label because the album is exactly the type of musical product that reflects the concept of the label itself. Right from the third release, we wanted to leave a mark and a musical style on Bamboleo Records, accompanied by the amazing artwork developed by Soon one of our EP’s on Moan will be released with a beautiful remix by Barem. On Decay Records, another vinyl EP will be released with remixes by Andrea Butano and The Willers Brothers, and we are working in the studio on new different and exciting projects at the moment.

“It has always been our dream to produce something
that tells our musical journey”

EG: You’ve been based between London and Ibiza for a number of years now, two of the world’s best hubs for electronic music – do you feel like the album takes any key influences from either location and if so, what qualities do you feel each brings?

Neverdogs: We have been living in both London and Ibiza for over 15 years, they are two places that definitely make us feel at home. The album is therefore influenced by both scenes, whether is connected to the music scene or simply to the everyday life. We get the dynamism and vitality from London, something that every major metropolis has, while Ibiza gives us the magic of nature. This is the feeling that we have tried to express through the sounds used in ‘Details’.

EG: You’re also a key part of the BPM Festival, having hosted your very first Bamboleo Records showcase at last years event, and you will be returning later this year in September alongside a host of key names. What can we expect from this year’s event?

Neverdogs: Yes, Bamboleo showcase will take place for the second time at the BPM Festival in Portugal in September. With international guests, last year’s edition was a great success. When the night ended, we played 15-hour back-to-back with Stacey Pullen at the official after party where we had a blast. We are working on the September schedule and will publish all the info soon.

EG: Alongside The BPM Festival, you’ve also held label showcases in London at 93 Feet East, during WMC / Miami Music Week, and most recently at OFF Week in Barcelona. Where can we expect to see the label and yourselves heading to next?

Neverdogs: As for the label showcases, it’s on schedule July 14th at Classic club in Rimini and August 9th with DiBeats in Catanzaro. As for Neverdogs, we will be guests on July 20th, all night long at Joshua Books in Manchester, on July 21st, playing all night long at Fabric in London, at the BPM Festival in Beirut, Deep Forest Festival in Romania, Social Park in Rome, and Kiesgrube Open Air in Germany.

EG: Lastly, talk to us about the mix – what can we expect over the next 60 minutes?

Neverdogs: The mix will have our distinct happy upbeat sound, minimal deep tech with house vibes. There will also be the new EP on Bamboleo in the tracklist, signed by Manuel de Lorenzi and Calvin Clarke.

Neverdogs’s ‘Details’ is available now. Stream and buy here

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