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Nico Pusch: “I’m Glad For Every Possibility To Play And Show My Music To The World”

Nico Pusch: “I’m glad for every possibility to play and show my music to the world”

Strong emotions through a reduced melodic techno sound is what Nico Pusch delivers us with his debut EP on Lauter Unfug: ‘Bloom’ is a combination of electronic tunes and magical vibes. Aka Aka & Lars Moston enhance the package with their quality remixes for ‘Bloom’ & ‘Grace’.

We had the chance to chat with Nico about his recent release on Lauter Unfug Musik.

Electronic Groove: Hi Nico, thanks for your time today. You just released your latest EP entitled ‘Bloom’ via Lauter Unfug. How did you connect with the Luxembourg-based label?

Nico Pusch: Hello! Well, that’s a simple story. Pascal (Beatamines) wrote me that he really liked my new song ‘Bloom’ and if it was already signed. Long story short, I signed the track with Lauter Unfug.

EG: What was the inspiration to produce these tracks?

Nico Pusch: I get my inspiration from everything I see, listen and go through. This EP is mainly made for the club and for a good feeling, there’s a more uplifting sound in the tracks, that I hope will make you dance and smile.

EG: Can you explain more about your music production method?

Nico Pusch: Sure. I didn’t study music but I’ve learned all my skills by myself and from friends who have taught me. If I’m starting a track I don’t know where it ends and how it sounds because sometimes there are a lot of changes in the proccess. I produce all my music with Ableton, related to hardware I use my Roland TR-8, Native Kontrol S25 and an Ableton Push controller.

EG: Aka Aka and Lars Moston are on the remixes duties. Are you happy with their versions?

Nico Pusch: Happy? It’s an honor and I’m more than proud. These 2 remixes are awesome each one in his own way. Thank you Holger, Hanners and Lars!

EG: How was the summer for you? Can you mention a few highlights?

Nico Pusch: This summer was a little bit relaxing; I didn’t play as much as the last few years. I spent my time with the family at the beach and at the studio. I’ve never mentioned one single highlight, I’m glad for every possibility to play and show my music to the world.

EG: Are you working on new material?

Nico Pusch: Oh yes, there’s a lot of stuff coming soon, 3 new EP’s in the beginning of 2019 and a few remixes as well.

EG: What’s your favorite part of being a DJ?

Nico Pusch: That’s a good question. If you make your own music, getting the opportunity to play it on a stage and people like it, that’s a feeling you can’t describe in words. And for sure the Heineken Backstage, that a favorite part too =)

EG: What would be your advice for aspiring DJ and producers?

Nico Pusch: There’s no real recipe, be yourself and don’t look so much to others. Create you style, make your music, the one you like not the others will like, and never give up, don’t stress yourself…

Nico Pusch’s ‘Bloom’ is out on Lauter Unfug Musik. Grab your copy here.

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