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Nicole Moudaber: “I recently launched my ELEVEN campaign”

Photo Credit: Ruan van der Sande

Nicole Moudaber is an event promoter, record label founder, radio show host, social activist and one of the most passionately followed DJ/producers in the world.

Nicole runs her own label MOOD Records, several large scale events and an award-winning weekly radio show ‘In The MOOD. Showcasing her unique techno style, Nicole has become a regular at Ultra’s Resistance, touring all over the globe. With a busy schedule, we had the opportunity to chat with her about new project ‘Eleven’, playing at Resistance, and other musical topics.

Electronic Groove: Hi Nicole and many thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You recently played three dates at Resistance South America. How was it stepping out on the stage?

Nicole Moudaber: South America was short but wonderful. It’s so amazing to travel and experience different cultures if even for a little bit. I didn’t anticipate how high in elevation Quito, Ecuador was so that was quite interesting. Good thing for oxygen!

EG: How was the connection with the Latin audience? Is it different from other continents?

Nicole Moudaber: Yes. They are ‘muy caliente’ (very hot in english) and they speak my language — hot blooded which is something I can relate to. They have such a crazy and incredible energy. Panama, Ecuador and especially Medellín at the end, was the icing on the cake.

Ecuador in Quito was a very interesting experience. It’s 2800 meters above sea level and there’s not a lot of oxygen so when I DJ’d, I had a gas tank on stage and I was taking hits from it every ten minutes. It felt like I was walking on the moon which is apparently quite normal — every visitor feels the same way. It’s just insane. And Medellín at the end was unbelievable. And of course, with unbelievable shows, the recording always goes wrong so unfortunately, I won’t be able to release that one on my radio show.

EG: Talking about Resistance. How was it playing with them in Ibiza?

Nicole Moudaber: I did a few shows with Resistance Ibiza over the summer. It’s at the most incredible club in Ibiza, Privilege. I think they just nailed it — you feel like you’re in a spaceship! It takes time to build a night in Ibiza, and I think if they continue, it’s going to be one of the best nights on the island.

“I’ve been touring heavily with Resistance this year who have become like family”

EG: You just released two Moby remixes. How did this project come together?

Nicole Moudaber: I was listening to Moby’s album and these two tracks just really stood out and I was dying to play around with them. After I put the two remixes together I reached out to him not knowing what he would think, but he really loved them! The fact that I was able to release them on my own label was truly amazing and I feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such a legendary artist.

EG: What else is planned in terms of releases? Any sneak peek you can share with our us?

Nicole Moudaber: For the next release on MOOD Records, my good friend Carlo Ruetz who played at my MoodZONE showcase at The BPM Festival Portugal back in September, will be compiling a ‘Best of Mood 2018’ compilation.

I also have two very talented artists Anna V. and M.I.T.A. who are coming on board in November with an amazing EP ‘The God Particle’ that I’ve been playing everywhere. I’m also working on loads of original productions which I will be putting out with remixes on my label in 2019 – there are exciting times ahead.

EG: Any thoughts on the summer season that just went by? Can you share with us a few highlights?

Nicole Moudaber: Where to start? I’ve been touring heavily with Resistance this year who have become like family. We’ve all become very close, especially during the summer season in Ibiza, what an incredible time! Those guys do such a great job, it’s always a pleasure to play with them wherever I am in the world.

Two standouts with Resistance would be my set in Taipei as well as my back-to-back with John Digweed in Tokyo, now that was something special. John has never played with anyone other than Sasha and I got to be his first! Just wow. John and I have quite different styles but I wanted to play more melodic and he wanted to play more techno, so we were able to find a really sweet spot in the middle, and it just worked. I really hope I can release it on my radio show In The MOOD.

Another highlight was bringing my MoodZONE showcase to The BPM Festival Portugal in September. What a way to end the summer! It was such fun playing with my good friend and one of my early influences, Danny Tenaglia. Carlo Ruetz was also on the bill who is another artist I’m really excited to have on my label and he played a really amazing set that I recently released on my radio show.

EG: Moving on a different direction, we’ve seen artists come to the forefront to talk about depression, drug abuse, and how touring has taken a massive toll in their personal life and mental health. Have you ever been through tough times during your career? Can you provide any advice to those who are in need of special attention?

Nicole Moudaber: It’s so important that you look out for yourself when touring. We are out here, playing multi-hour sets until four, five, sometimes six o’clock in the morning, and getting on a plane the very next day. It can get exhausting so taking time to rest is key. I recently just had to make a decision to block out an amount of time next year to actually take a vacation and recover from the past months of touring.

EG: Could you let us delve a little deeper into the world of Nicole, what’s been bringing joy to your world of late? Not specifically music-related maybe a place you’ve been, a show you’ve seen, a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched?

Nicole Moudaber: Well I’m not sure that joy is the right word, but I recently launched my ELEVEN campaign which aims to put a stop to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). Every minute, somewhere in the world, 11 girls undergo FGM which is a truly horrifying number. I was born in Nigeria which is where the majority of FGM takes place, so it’s an issue that is very close to me. I’m encouraging my artist peers and fans to share the campaign on social media as well as donate to my GoFundMe where 100% of funds raised will go to Magool, an organization led by activist Dr. Leyla Hussein that provides support for survivors. I’m also selling ELEVEN bracelets via my store on my website where 100% of proceeds will go to Magool. They’re perfect if you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts with a social good component.

EG: Where can fans see you play next?

Nicole Moudaber:  I’m heading back to the States very soon and bringing my MoodZONE stage to EDC in Orlando on November 9th. Then on November 10th, I’m really looking forward to my MoodRAW showcase that is presented by OUTPOST at Avant Gardner where my favorite b3b will be getting back together for a rare performance. When Paco Osuna, Dubfire and I get on the decks, the vibe is just electric! Another artist I’m really looking forward to hosting in New York is Hito. She is so talented and I just love her music. Arrive early though as I’ll be opening to set the mood…

You can also catch me in Boston on November 15th at The Grand, in Chicago and at The Mid on November 16th and in Dallas at Stereo Live on November 17th… and watch this space for some exciting New Year plans…

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