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Label Insight: Night Vision Music

Label Insight: Night Vision Music

Edmonton-based record label and events group Night Vision Music is celebrating their five-year anniversary with a collection of five new tracks from its most beloved in-house producers. Trademarked by a diverse range of styles from Canada and beyond, Night Vision Music is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most exciting underground house imprints. The collective nature of their approach to writing music, throwing events, and running a studio has made them stand-outs in their native Canada, and their music has reached far outside their borders. “Night Vision – 5 Years” features work by Nick Garcia, Dunmore Park, Adam Johan & Trevor Oslo, David Luca & Dailey, and Honeydripper, with each contributing a different flavour to the EP. The compilation seamlessly weaves together house, funk, soul, and a few surprises for an incomparably groovy collection.

We had the chance to talk with them in order to celebrate Night Vision’s 5-year anniversary release.

Electronic Groove: Night Vision is a label, a collective, a production company. How did all this get started?

Night Vision: We started as a group of friends who just wanted to hear good house music in the city we lived in. At the time when we started, very few people in Edmonton, Canada were promoting house music shows, especially featuring underground house and non-EDM influenced stuff. Slowly over time as we added more people to the collective and grew as individuals, we added the label, clothing, and a music production space and school. But really, our roots just want to have an awesome time listening house music with our friends. Kind the classic story really!

EG: You are celebrating Night Vision’s 5 Year Anniversary. How are the preparations coming together?

Night Vision: The 5 year anniversary event was filled with lots of reflection of where we started and how we’ve grown as a group and individuals. The music scene has changed a lot in 5 years, as have our tastes, but our overall commitment to quality house and techno remains undiminished. Our 5 year anniversary party last week was hugely fun and reminded us how lucky we are to play for our local community.

EG: There’s a compilation tied to the celebrations. Who was in charge of putting it together? How was the selection process?

Night Vision: It was a group effort on this one. Each of our core label producers were asked to submit a track and we collectively decided on our favorites to release. As far as the work went, we split much of the work between a few of the team. The entire compilation was mastered by Nick Garcia who is also the label manager for Yoshitoshi and an amazing engineer. He also contributed a track, Delamar, which is the first song on the compilation.

EG: We love the vibes throughout the compilation. Are there any remixes planned for it?

Night Vision: No remixes are planned for this release. We wanted to keep it a family affair!

EG: Has the label achieved its initial intentions?

Night Vision: Our goal has always been to give ourselves a platform for our own artistic growth. If you were to listen to our very first release and compare it to what we’re releasing now, you’ll hear a steady increase in quality and complexity over the years. We’re never going to stop learning and growing, and that’s what the label is all about: experimentation and growth.

EG: In terms of releases, what should we expect for the rest of 2018?

Night Vision: We’re taking a bit of a break after this compilation to work on releases for other labels and spend a full summer playing festivals and enjoying what sunshine we can find in Canada! We’ll be back with more releases this fall.

“The 5 year anniversary event was filled with lots of reflection of where we started and how we’ve grown as a group and individuals”

EG: Are there any special events planned for the summer?

Night Vision: Our next show will be with the amazing Nick Monaco on April 20th at a venue called The Bower in Edmonton. After that, our artists will be playing a variety of Canadian festivals throughout the summer.

EG: You also run a music academy. What can you tells us about this?

Night Vision: In the 2015 we pooled our resources to create Edmonton’s first electronic music production school. We spent two months building a teaching space that includes two studios for our artists and students to use. We’ve always been highly motivated to create platforms for artistic growth, both in our community and for ourselves. We wanted to create an environment for ourselves and the producers around us where personal musical development could happen both spontaneously and deliberately. To that end, we’ve had hundreds of students pass through the school and our artists have steadily grown to release on bigger and bigger labels as they develop their craft. If you’re ever in Edmonton, drop us a line and come check out the studio!

Night Vision’s 5-year anniversary compilation is out now. Grab your copy here.

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