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Niki Sadeki: “Music Has Always Been My Passion And Today Is The Drive Behind Everything I Do”

Niki Sadeki: “Music has always been my passion and today is the drive behind everything I do”

Niki Sadeki is a Vancouver-based DJ, musician and the host of the monthly podcast series ‘Allure’ on Frisky Radio. Due in no small part to her popular online mixes, Niki has steadily gained recognition within the dance music community.

With a focus on deep, melodic and ethereal dance music, Niki conveys her expression of life to listeners and engages crowds through her live sets when she’s behind the decks, and through dozens of podcasts and studio mixes. Her sets have been described as musical journeys, charming listeners and at the same time inviting them to dive into their own individual world of sensations.

We had the chance to talk with Niki Sadeki as she recently came back from an international world tour and released her latest session on Electronic Groove.

Electronic Groove: Hi Niki, great recent mix on EG. Where and when it was recorded?

Niki Sadeki: Thanks for having me on! It’s a pleasure. I’ve recorded this set in my little studio setup in my Vancouver apartment. I think it captures the slow and steady build of how I get in my groove during an extended set.

EG: Just wondering how you got involved with electronic music?

Niki Sadeki: My interest in electronic music started rather casually while I was in high school. From there on until I was in my early 20’s, I started messing around with controllers and mixers at friends’ parties and rented setups here and there until eventually I decided to get my own setup at home. I started with publishing mixes just for fun. They were basically compilations of songs I liked and only to be shared with friends. As time progressed, my interest in “the underground” really started to develop and I started to take the process more seriously, trying to improve my skills and to make the mixes better in terms of quality. That lead me to my first couple of bookings and I basically went along with the amazing ride ever since.

EG: How would you define your musical concept?

Niki Sadeki: Music has always been my passion. Ever since I was a kid it acted as an outlet to express myself. Today, that same passion is the drive behind everything I do. I love to engage listeners and crowds, so I guess that motivates me to put together mixes to try to convey stories, connecting in an emotional way and to share what I feel is moving and beautiful. That’s truly just the thing I love most; to play and show people what I’ve found, and I want others to feel the same emotions I feel when music moves me. In other words, each mix is a journey (a term that has been overly used these days!)

So far because I don’t produce yet, the only way people would be able to listen to me or discover Niki Sadeki’s sound is through mixes, so it has been really important for me to regularly release content.

EG: You recently came back from a tour that included cities like Dubai or Berlin. How was it? Any special highlight worth mentioning?

Niki Sadeki: It was pretty amazing. This was my first tour so I was not sure what to expect. The scheduling was a bit intense, especially during the last leg. I’ve definitely learned a lot about living and being in various locations. The highlight has been meeting new people and making new friends in the scene. The one important thing that I can take away from this tour is how we are all inevitably linked, inter-dependent and essentially the same no matter where we are from around this world. I’m definitely looking forward and excited to going back.

“I love to engage listeners and crowds, so I guess that motivates me to put together mixes to try to convey stories, connecting in an emotional way and to share what I feel is moving and beautiful”

EG: You also are a regular through North American cities. Can you name your favorite ones to play at? Why?

Niki Sadeki: So far La Vibe in Los Angeles and The Great Northern in San Francisco have been the highlights for me. But I’m definitely looking forward to exploring other venues and cities in North America.

EG: Your Frisky Radio program ‘Allure’ always bring excellent sessions with your usual top selection. When did you start to do them? Are you happy with the exposure?

Niki Sadeki: I was honored to host my own show on Frisky Radio right about this time last year actually! It has acted as a fertile ground for me to build a solid organic following. It’s been a thrilling year and it has brought me lots of exciting opportunities, from getting introduced to wonderful new artists, musicians and producers to connect with fans and listeners all over the world.

I like to make my sound continuously evolving; therefore, I try to be versatile with my selections. I want listeners to connect with the artists, producers and their work. I also want to give new and up and coming artists a platform to showcase their work to reach more listeners.

EG: You come from Vancouver Canada. How’s Canadian electronic music scene at the moment?

Niki Sadeki: Canada is a big country. If you want to go across the country you’re talking about a 5-6 hour flight. The nightlife and the music scene is rather different depending on what city you’re in and it’s quite subjective to your personal preferences. I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to the scene in Toronto and Montreal and I must say overall, I love the East coast scene so much. The events have undeniable vibes; they are exclusive but not pretentious at all. People come from all over to go to these parties. I still haven’t been to Ottawa but they do have a great deep house base there, as well.

Now Vancouver’s underground music scene is vibrant and it’s thriving with many talented, local musicians, producers and DJs. There is so much potential and there are so many wonderful and dedicated people active in the scene in different capacities.

In my opinion, the gentrification and the liquor laws are the biggest limitations to the Vancouver’s art scene. Vancouver is one of the world’s most expensive places to live, and the municipal government is not doing enough to stem gentrification. Local artist collectives and performance spaces are continuing to feel the pinch. On the other hand, compared to the laws in Europe, most clubs in the city close around 3 am, while alcohol is not flowing after 2 am! That definitely has an impact and makes things challenging when it comes to creating a culture around music; it makes the whole clubbing experience about partying and getting that one last drink right before the bar closes and less about the music itself.

EG: Can you name a few local DJ and/or producers you do admire?

Niki Sadeki: There are so many but to name a few I’d go with the talented Iain Howie, Rasi Z, Jared Love, Joel Armstrong and my good friends behind the duo Madota (although they’ve recently relocated to Berlin). I’m actually really excited for them cause their first release will be with Buddha-Bar coming out on December 22nd!

“Now Vancouver’s underground music scene is vibrant and it’s thriving with many talented, local musicians, producers and DJs”

EG: Can you recommend us a few high-rotation tracks you have been playing recently?

Niki Sadeki: I’m a big fan of Just Emma and their label Under Your Skin, so anything that has their stamp on it I fall in love with by default! Other than that, to name specific tracks, I guess I will go with my recent two favorites: ‘Zigan Aldi – Fidale’ and ‘Daso & Lutz feat. Arooj Aftab – De Libbe’.

EG: What’s in the pipeline for Niki Sadeki?

Niki Sadeki: 2018 is going to be a busy year. I think in the past while I’ve created a decent back catalog of Soundcloud mixes for people to browse. So I’m going to do less podcasts per month and focus on learning, production and more touring and traveling.

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