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Oliver Klostermann Talks About His New Lauter Unfug Release, ‘Lunar Space’

Oliver Klostermann talks about his new Lauter Unfug release, ‘Lunar Space’

Oliver Klostermann’s classic musical education started at the early age of five evolving through the years focusing on jazz and modern music. Later on, he got interested in electronic music developing a unique playstyle involving different genres.

Living in Berlin today his live-sets are celebrated at some of the biggest Germany clubs and festivals including Kater Blau, Sisyphos, MMA, Chalet, Fusion and Garbizc.  Also, he recently performed in Mexico and Peru.

We caught up with Oliver Klostermann to talk about his latest EP ‘Lunar Space’ released via Lauter Unfug.

Electronic Groove: Hi Oliver, thanks for your time today. You just released your debut EP on Lauter Unfug, ‘Lunar Space’. How you initially link with the label’s crew?

Oliver Klostermann: Thanks for inviting me. I meet them on Grafton street right outside of a bar, they shared a cigarette with my while a brother played the guitar

EG: The four-track EP brings two originals and two remixes. What was the inspiration to produce them?

Oliver Klostermann: I wrote ‘Lunar Space Disco’ about two years ago, to be performed at Fusion Festival in 2016. Back then (and still) I was really into 80’s and wave sound. I guess you can hear that in the track. ‘Jungle Fever’ was more of a 90’s track featuring two good friends, both are amazing singers. Ntem Love from Miami and Marvin Jam from Berlin. I just wanted to do a straight piano house tune, as they did back in the days.

EG: Where you produced them and what kind of gear you use for that process?

Oliver Klostermann: ‘Lunar Space Disco’ was produced in my home studio. About ‘Jungle Fever’ we produced at my buddy Barber’s studio. Gear? Puh, I don’t even know what I used back then. I think it was a Roland XP-30 as the main synth and for ‘Junge Fever’ we used mainly the Diva PlugIn.

EG: Marvin Jam appears on the vocals. How was the contact with him?

Oliver Klostermann: He’s a real good buddy of mine. He is a big part of my project ‘Slaves of Discotheque’. Its an event series at Kater Blau Club in Berlin. We are a progressive funk band featuring different musicians and producers on stage. Marvin sometimes accompanies me in my live sets. His voice really pushes things to another level.


EG: Did you choose the remixers or was a label’s suggestion? Why them?

Oliver Klostermann: Nowherepeople is a friend and Thomas Stieler was a suggestion by the label. I really like his sound. I’m super happy with his remix.

EG: Winter is about to end. What are you planning for Spring and Summer season?

Oliver Klostermann: Berlin Summers are pretty unpredictable, but I hope there’s going to be some cool festivals. Garbitcz is my absolute favorite…ever ever! So that one is on the list for sure!

EG: You are from Munich, Germany. Which bars and clubs would you recommend visiting?

Oliver Klostermann: Actually I live in Berlin since two and a half years, but I grew up in Munich, so I’m probably not the best source when it comes to bars and clubs in my hometown anymore. I really like the Goldener Reiter, which is a smallish club or bar with funky sound and a nice dance floor, also Unterdeck. Club-wise my recommendation would be Rote Sonne or Bahnwärter Thiel. But nothing in Munich beats Weißwurst Frühstück in a Biergarten in Summer. Best thing ever!

EG: Could you let us delve a little deeper into the world of Oliver, what’s been bringing joy to your world of late? Not specifically music-related maybe a place you’ve been, a show you’ve seen, a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched?

Oliver Klostermann: Lately in the world of Oliver? I don’t function really well from November till February. Berlin in Winter can be pretty dark and cold, so I kinda went into hibernation. But as the days are getting longer and sunnier, Oliver’s world is also slowly turning brighter again. I’m working hard on my next parties and events and definitely writing more music. Also, I just bought a new pink sweater, which is now my new favorite! I really like it! If you wanna see it, check my Instagram. There’s a pic of me wearing it!

Oliver Klostermann’s ‘Lunar Space’ EP is now available on Lauter Unfug. Get your copy here.

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