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Oliver Koletzki: “I’ve invested a lot of time to create these 90 minutes of music”

Bringing his first-ever Live Tour to North America this April, Berlin-based artist, DJ, and Stil vor Talent label-head Oliver Koletzki will be showcasing favorites from his last three albums ‘The Arc of Tension’, ‘Fire in the Jungle’, and ‘Made of Wood’, in a 90-minute concert setting designed especially for the tour. Here, the master of sonic storytelling will take his audience on a journey from organic downtempo to melodic techno, performed live on synth, piano, and guitar.

EG caught up with Oliver Koletzki to learn more about his upcoming US live tour, the differences between performing a DJ set, his expectations, and much more.

EG: Hi Oliver and welcome back to EG. This week you begin your North American Tour with a new 90-minute format. What’s this all about?

Oliver Koletzki: Hello. It’s about the new live act that I’m presenting together with my homie Stefan Thomas. Until now, people knew me more as a DJ but now I’m coming to the USA, playing live, for the first time. We play instruments like the e-piano, synthesizers and guitar live on stage. All songs performed are only my very own songs from my last three albums.

EG: Where did the idea come from?

Oliver Koletzki: I started to do a live-act a few years ago in the Berlin Planetarium with people sitting on armchairs watching the stars. It was fun, sold out every time and the feedback was amazing. So I decided to bring it onto different stages and give people the chance to dance to it.

EG: Music-wise, what should people expect? And what are your expectations from this tour?

Oliver Koletzki: The live-act has a huge arc of tension. It starts quiet with more downtempo music and organic house and goes over to organic-house and melodic techno in the end. I’m hoping for happy faces and dancing people!

EG: What can you tell us about the planning of this Live 90-minute concept?

Oliver Koletzki: I’ve invested a lot of time to create these 90 minutes of music. It was important for me to have a nice flow over the whole live act. I had to adjust nearly every song in tempo and key to have perfect transitions. A part of the music comes from the laptop of course, but the other parts we are playing live with our instruments.

“It’s pretty different to djing. It’s not about going on stage, putting the USB stick in, opening the champagne, and swiping the credit card through the mixer”

EG: What are some of the challenges when doing a live performance?

Oliver Koletzki: It’s pretty different to djing. It’s not about going on stage, putting the USB stick in, opening the champagne, and swiping the credit card through the mixer. You have to be sober and focused cause you have to play real instruments for 90min where a lot of mistakes could happen.

EG: The tour has 5 dates in some emblematic venues. Is there a personal favorite of those? Why?

Oliver Koletzki: I think it’s the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. It’s such a historical venue where so many famous bands and acts have played before. Quite an honor to perform in this place.

EG: Each city has its own charm but if you would have to choose where to spend a month, which one would you choose and why?

Oliver Koletzki: I’ve already spent a month in Tulum but more for holiday reasons. For Europeans, New York is for sure a very interesting city for a longer stay or even living there for a year, but all of them have their charms, as you said.

EG: What else can we expect from Oliver Koletzki in the near future? What new milestones are you looking out for in the coming months?

Oliver Koletzki: My last album, ‘Made of Wood’, was my ninth album. So I’m doing a creative production break this year. But I’m traveling a lot at the moment to get new inspiration for a very special tenth album. In May I’m playing a lovely festival near San Diego called ‘Love Machines’ and you can catch me at Burning Man in September.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, Oliver! We wish you all the best on tour!

Oliver Koletzki: Thank you!

Oliver Koletzki’s ‘Made Of Wood’ live tour kicks off on April 8th. Check out the dates below, and purchase your tickets here.

8th April San Francisco, Public Works
9th April Los Angeles, Roxy Theater
15th April New York, House of Yes
16th April Denver, Club Vinyl
17th April Tulum, Mia

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