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Omid 16B: “What Inspires Me More Is How Flexible And Honest One Can Feel If You Let Things Flow”

Omid 16B: “What inspires me more is how flexible and honest one can feel if you let things flow”

Omid Nourizadeh aka Omid 16B has a unique love for making music, starting at the age of fourteen playing guitar before discovering acid house in the early 90’s.

As a DJ and producer, songwriter, musician and head A&R for his aLOLa / SexOnWax & Disclosure labels, Omid 16B has created a mysterious yet prolific career, his passion and commitment is unrivaled.

We had the chance to talk with Omid 16B aligned to the recent release of his latest EP ‘B4LP (Part 2)’.

Electronic Groove: Hello Omid, thanks for the time to chat with us. How has the start of the year been so far?

Omid 16B: Hello guys, thanks to you. January is usually the only month I take off to do updates and refurbish the studio, so for me it’s kind of busy. We got a new 32 channel mixing desk and full acoustic drum kit installed this week and I’m forever trying to get rid of stuff we no longer need; I hate hoarding and not using things that are not within arm’s reach, usually this month is for cleaning and setting up for the year ahead!

EG: I noticed that you’ve fairly recently come back from Japan/ USA. How was that and what did you get up to?

Omid 16B: Japan is a kind of love affair for me, as it’s in my top 3 places in the world! Weddings, business and pleasure all somehow under the same roof can only be handled and enjoyed with patience and raw energy, which Japan provides plenty of!

EG: Having Persian roots and growing up in South London, do you feel the two have influenced you in the music you make? And if this has, does this still play a key part when making music now?

Omid 16B: Of course everything for me is an ‘influence’, not only where I’m raised or the part of the planet I originally came from! What inspires me more is how flexible and honest one can feel if you let things flow if you just let it guide you – stay sensitive don’t let your heart turn to stone!

EG: With the dance music landscape in constant flux, what do you do to try and stay up to speed? Or do you just stick to your guns?

Omid 16B: If you want to play that game you’ll end up like a dirty old man who still wants to sleep around with younger girls, but he is way past it and might just have a heart attack at his next sexual appointment! Staying current or chasing the scene has never been a priority or drive for me – our job is to make and create the scene, not follow them or conform to it! Of course, I don’t expect all the idiots who change every 5 minutes jumping on and off the bandwagon to have any idea of what I’m talking about!

“My new album and singles are about to come out”

EG: How your release calendar looking like right now?

Omid 16B: My new album and singles are about to come out. I’m putting together the last part from the three-part EP (B4LP 3), as well as getting the final tracklist for the album mixed for different formats! I’m picking the singles off the album and speaking to guys and girls I want to get on board as remixers!

EG: Do you have any special plans for the album? Or is that a secret for the moment?

Omid 16B: Special plans and loads of secrets? I can tell you one! Did you know the entire album was 122 tracks I’ve now slimed down to just under 20! I’m making a short movie and a book to accompany the album but maybe not all at the same time!

EG: Lastly, aside from the album what else have you got coming up?

Omid 16B: Now that would be giving away all my secrets! You’ll just have to wait and see!

Omid 16B’s ‘B4LP (Part2)’ is available. Grab your copy here.

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