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Øostil: ‘Epiphany will showcase an innovative sound, fresh and different from what is on the market’

Inspired by melodic techno, his minimalist and organic sound evoke deep personal emotions as it connects with his audience. Øostil, a vibrant and innovative artist will take you on a journey through a new and exciting reality.

Time and distance disappear to make room for a creative soul that leaves this world behind. From the silence, art is born and stories begin to unfold … soaring… you begin to perceive the sound… That is Øostil.

We caught up with him to talk about his upcoming projects, the launch of Epiphany, his views on the scene, and the impact of canceled tours and de-compressed schedules.

Electronic Groove: Hi there Antü, how are you? We are really glad to have you with us today. Tell us, how did you handle this past year? Was it tough on a personal level? What did you do to keep your spirits up and stay healthy?

Øostil: Hello, guys, first of all, thank you very much for offering me this invitation. Honestly, I used this time off that the pandemic gave us to focus on personal projects that were on standby for a while, get back to training, and on my health.

Electronic Groove: Where are you based right now? How the government has handled the pandemic over there? Did you think it was handled correctly? Was there any financial aid available for artists?

Øostil: At this moment I am traveling around Mexico, more precisely Tulum. Each country has its own critical situation… so it would be very difficult to say if it was handled correctly.

I think that by not providing support to the scene, artists and promoters, we would have to evaluate a way to reactivate our circuit before we have more repercussions. They did not bring any kind of help, as I understand, in Latin America, there are no resources of such kind for artists.

Electronic Groove: So, we know that, unfortunately, you had a phenomenal 2020 lined up, and then the pandemic kind of took that away. How did you deal with not being able to showcase all you had in store? Were you able to reschedule most of your calendar?

Øostil: It was a very strange situation because on the way to the airport the entire tour was canceled, was very stressful because such a big effort takes a lot of time and energy.

I think it was inevitable and surely most of the shows could be rescheduled, although, it won’t be the same. I hope that in partnership with Bullitt Agency and my manager we can start rescheduling this long-awaited tour.

Electronic Groove: Did the pandemic change or affect in any way how you create? Was it hard for inspiration to come by with all the chaos outside?

Øostil: This last year was a roller coaster of emotions, but the truth was that creativity was not difficult for me to come by… this gave me a lot of time to develop several plans that I had in mind, so I am very happy to have been able to invest it all in my personal projects like Epiphany, which is a project which is not only an innovative podcast series, clothing brand, record label, also my new line of parties around the world that I will start when all this situation gets better.

“This last year was a roller coaster of emotions, but the truth was that creativity was not difficult for me to come by”

Electronic Groove: As you said, last year, you started ‘Epiphany’, a new podcast series that aims to generate a communion between you and the guest artist. And the concept evolved, right? Can you tell us what will be enclosed under this project?

Øostil: Epiphany is an innovative platform, these back-to-back shows with artists that I admire come to break the limits of a regular podcast, where we show our exclusive music, also supporting new artists, and give a more eclectic vision than a regular podcast does.

I am starting a collaboration alongside CUBEL from Colombia; he is a great innovator on the market, and for me, represents a big honor to create this alliance with him. This project will help to develop and show my vision, and with the intention that becomes a record label and party series with events all around the world.

Electronic Groove: What sound will Epiphany convey as a label and events? What will have that other labels don’t, according to your vision?

Øostil: It will be an eclectic vision where the sound will be effective but also innovative. I would like for this platform to be able to share my new material, and also, the ones from emerging artists that have a futuristic and functional sound without having to be within a specific genre.

I can assure you that will showcase an innovative sound, fresh and different from what is on the market… That is the most difficult thing to create as a music curator.

Electronic Groove: And right now… we know of a very exciting collaboration of yours with an artist from Amsterdam, bringing a music video as well. Is there anything you can tell us in anticipation? Will this be the first time you put images to a track of yours?

Øostil: I always love being able to create a balance between the music and the visuals, the communion is very important when creating a greater impact. On past projects, I made several video clips and it was something very fun to create.

This collaboration will arrive by summer with a well-known Italian label. I hope we soon can reveal more details about this exciting project.

Electronic Groove: What can we expect from Øostil for 2021? What are your next goals moving forward? Do you have any upcoming gigs lined up?

Øostil: Without a doubt to create more fresh music throughout Epiphany, this alongside important DJs and producers that will cross the barriers of our sound. Also, the clothing brand and a new line of jewelry in participation with an artist I admire.

I will be with Fideles in the Riviera Maya with a ‘Catharsis’ show, also with Artbat in Bar Americas, and planning an extended set with my brother Wurtz that will be for the books.

Electronic Groove: Thank you so much for sitting down with us Antü! We wish you the best going forward and hope you have a great year!

Øostil: Thanks to you guys for the interest, much love… Antü.

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