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Outcome: “We Are United In The Same Vision, Passion, And Love For Music”

Outcome: “We are united in the same vision, passion, and love for music”

In probability theory, an outcome is defined as a possible result of an experiment. Each possible outcome of a particular experiment is unique and different. Outcome, one of today’s most innovative and exciting musical units, is the result of a musical experiment between two friends and music enthusiasts, Goran and Vice.

Goran and Vice are united in the same vision, passion and love for music. Outcome has already released music on MoBlack, Eleatics Records and Blindfold Recordings. Then, to continue expanding and sharing their vision with others, they started their own imprint, Simulation Records, a few months ago, together with friends from AM:PM.

We caught up with Outcome to talk about their latest release ‘Theory of Cosmos’, done in collaboration with Lawrence Klein.

Electronic Groove: Hello Outcome. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You recently attended ADE, how was the experience?

Outcome: Amsterdam Dance Event was pure inspiration in every single way. We come back almost every year, if we’re able. It is the best place in the world for networking and if you want to progress in your career this conference is the place to be. We had lots of fantastic meetings, moments and parties. It is this fusion between business and pleasure that we love, and besides, Amsterdam as a city has amazing energy.

Electronic Groove: Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds and how you ended up doing music together? 

Outcome:  Music has always been a huge part of our lives. We are united in the same vision, passion, and love for music. We love to mix up a variety of styles to make our sets intense, unique and different from others. Music is not just a word for us; it is an attitude and a way of living.

Our love for music started during childhood, for both of us. From when he was very young, Goran played guitar, and Vice started as a DJ at age 16. We were part of the same collective for a long time, so at some point, it was natural that we decided to establish a new alias together as Outcome.

Electronic Groove: You just released the ‘Theory of Cosmos’ EP in collaboration with Lawrence Klein. What was the inspiration to produce these tracks?

Outcome: Generally speaking, we are inspired by music from different genres and eras, but during the period when we started this EP we were listening to a lot of classical music and discography from Hans Zimmer in particular. His music is our biggest inspiration. This music has always had a big impact on us, and one of the outcomes, in this case, was our collaboration with L.Klein, it was a ”conceptual EP” with the same percussive drum pattern combined with intense melodies. By the way, we’d like to give a big thanks to Mr. Mimmo, the head honcho of Moblack Records, who recognized our work and signed the EP for his label!

Electronic Groove: How did you link with Lawrence Klein?

Outcome: We met Lawrence Klein at Dixon’s party in Zagreb a few years ago. After that, we started to hang out because we had finally found someone with the same passion (or taste, even) for music. He booked us for his event Opposite, which was in an amazing and quite unique venue – the old military tunnel, Mandalina, in his hometown of Šibenik, organized by Ratcat Collective.  After that, we were inspired to produce the EP together.

EG: Any other planned release coming soon?

Outcome: Yes! Our next EP ‘Occasum’ is going to be out on Mimmo’s Moblack Records at the end of January, and also our single ‘Lota’ is going to be released on the French label Family Name together with some remixes.

Electronic Groove: What about gigs, any confirmed date you are especially looking forward to? 

Outcome: We have upcoming gigs in this region and we’re very excited about them. Our next gig is at our hometown Split in Club Zenta for Underwater, and we’re glad to be back there after a long time away. Last but not least is Ratcat’s NYE afterparty in Tunel b2b L.Klein.  We’re also planning a French tour in February/March, more info will be announced soon.

“Music is not just a word for us; it is an
attitude and a way of living”

Electronic Groove: Would you say your working relationship is smooth or do you guys find conflict once in a while?

 Outcome: Well, conflict is part of any relationship, but in the end, we always find a compromise 😉

Electronic Groove: What are your plans for 2020?

Outcome: We are working on new tracks. We’ve got some really interesting collaborations and projects coming up, but for now they are secret except for a collaboration with our mates from Simulation Records: AM:PM. We are working on something different and more downtempo from our usual sound, but you’ll hear more about that soon…

Outcome’s ‘Theory of Cosmos’ is now available. Grab your copy here

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