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Packo Gualandris: “It’s Crucial To Play Just The Music That You Like And To Create Your Own Individual Style”

Packo Gualandris: “It’s crucial to play just the music that you like and to create your own individual style”

This artist is one of the most successful electronic music exports from Luxembourg, Europe. Spinning records since 1999 and now switching between vinyl and digital, he is renowned for his progressive house and techno sets that guarantee the transformation of the crowd into a wildly energetic dancing bundle.

We had the chance to talk with Packo Gualandris about his recent release ‘Completly Dangerous’ on Lauter Unfug.

Electronic Groove: Hi Packo, thanks for your time today. Where are you now and what you are up to?

Packo Gualandris: Hi and thanks for having me. Right now I am in my studio finalizing a video clip for another electropop project called PHACKO. It’s a Christmas song we’ve been working on lately.

 EG: You just released a new EP entitled ‘Completly Dangerous’ on Luxembourg’s Lauter Unfug. What was the inspiration to produce these tracks?

Packo Gualandris: 2 years ago I was working at a live-stream platform where people could watch me produce music in real-time. That’s when I created the 3 tracks of this EP. So, in fact, no special inspiration, just experimenting and doing while being watched by people in the world wide web 🙂

 EG: Betoko and Lily Pita are on the remixes duties. What was the process to select them?

 Packo Gualandris: The guys at Lauter Unfug chose the remixers. Honestly, I didn’t even know them before but it was the right choice, they did a fantastic job! And Betoko’s track ‘Skream’ is my absolute favorite track of the year, which makes me even more happy to have a remix from him on my EP.

 EG: What are your plans for the winter season?

 Packo Gualandris: Music, music, music… Working on a bunch of new tracks and on my second album. Then I’ll be playing several gigs in Luxembourg and Czech Republic. And Christmas time will be completely spent with my family.

 EG: What are your thoughts on the current Luxembourg’s electronic music scene?

 Packo Gualandris: At the moment Luxembourg’s nightlife scene is quite good, we have a few good clubs with local DJs as well as big headliners, there’s always something for everyone which in the past has not always been the case in our small country.

 EG: Are you working on new material? Any sneak peek you can share with our readers? 

 Packo Gualandris: Yeah, absolutely. As I mentioned before, I am currently working on my second LP on which I plan to do some collaborations with different musicians and singers to give the album that special character. After the ‘Completly Dangerous’ release on Lauter Unfug  I’ll have another track named ‘Czech It Out’ featured on their ‘Lauter Freunde End Of 2018 Special Edition’ ( released on December 31st), and another EP called ‘Oh Look a Penny’ which will be released January 1st on a new label named Ipsographic Records.

EG: Does the environment inspire or affect the outcome of your music?

Packo Gualandris: I guess that everything in life can affect the music I produce, the people, random situations, memories, thoughts and last but not least the environment. That’s why I tried to make my studio look and feel as relaxed as possible, it’s important to feel good at the place you’re working at.

EG: What would be your message to the producers and DJs that are in an early stage of their musical career?

Packo Gualandris: It’s important to become a part of the local scene, show up on as many club nights and festivals as possible. And I think that as an electronic music DJ it’s crucial to play just the music that you like and to create your own individual style to stand out of the masses.

Packo Gualandris’ ‘Completly Dangerous’ EP is already available’. Grab your copy here.

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