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Pantheon: ‘I Think It’s A Really Good Time For Electronic Music In Australia’

Pantheon: ‘I think it’s a really good time for electronic music in Australia’

The suave, sought after and sophisticated Unknown Records label don, Pantheon, continues to maintain his status as a heavy hitting talent in Australia.

We had the chance to talk with him following his successful ‘Robots Dance’ EP and Electronic Groove’s recent session.

Electronic Groove: Hi Pantheon, thanks for the time to chat with us. You come from Australia, how’s the electronic music scene over there?

Pantheon: Hello and thanks for having me. It’s really good at the moment. I am from Sydney and we have these draconian lockout laws currently in place which has forced promoters to be a little more creative in how to throw parties which have been a positive outcome. We have also had one of the biggest, I guess you could say, underground electronic music festivals in Sydney, Days Like This,  and Pitch in Melbourne, which has also been really good for the scene. Plus there has been a solid amount of good weekly parties that have popped up too. All in all, I think its a really good time for electronic music in Australia.

EG: How would you define your current musical style?

Pantheon: My musical style probably sways between house and techno. I grew up on house and will always have ties to it when I play or make music. Currently though I am enjoying a lot of melodic driven tech house and techno. You can probably gather that from the mix I recorded for you guys ?

EG: Your latest EP ‘Robots Dance’ has had very positive feedback, in fact Pete Tong premiered ‘Spaceship’ track on his Radio 1 program. Do you think this EP has given you a proper impulse taking you a level up?

Pantheon: Well, you would like to think so. I don’t think you can really look at it like that, I mean it’s amazing to get the recognition from such an industry heavyweight like Pete Tong and it’s something I am really proud of, but I am just staying focused and continuing to write music I love and enjoy playing out.

EG: Are you working on new tracks? Can you reveal details about them?

Pantheon: Yes, I have just finished two remixes, one for German label Alledged and one for Ministry Of Sound Australia. I also have just completed a two track EP with my label mate Horowitz out later next month on Motorik. Busy little bee!

EG: Tell us about the EG mix, what was the inspiration behind?

Pantheon: It was recorded live, I didn’t plan on sending it to you guys as my mix prior to recording it, so it’s pretty raw and off the cuff type of mixing. No real planning, just reading the crowd and playing what I like. I think that’s the most enjoyable kind of a Dj set to do, it makes it that little bit more fun.

EG: How were the first months of 2017 in terms of gigs. Any special one worth mentioning?

Pantheon: I recorded the mix at Deja VU in Wollongong. It’s always kind of a homecoming when I play there as it’s where I played my first few shows and it’s the base for my label –Unknown Records-, so I always get a really good reaction and have loads of fun when playing. It’s always a little bit special.

EG: And the summer, any confirmed dates you are looking forward?

Pantheon: I am back in Melbourne in a few weeks which is always awesome and it’s the Unknown Records birthday the week after which is always a crazy party!

EG: Can you name a few records that never leave your record bag?

Pantheon: At the moment ? have been rinsing Zepherin Saint – Canima feat. Adama (Ifaaaye Remix). It is always a head turner in a DJ set and has this awesome vocal throughout. Also, Dave Seaman – Nightfalls has been getting a workout when its peak time. Plus I have been smashing the Horowitz Remix of my latest one Spaceships’, it has this amazing acid riff that just drives the dance floor so well.

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