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Proper Taste: “Our Vinyl-only Label Celebrates The Musicality And Diversity Of Sound We Distinctively Embrace”

Proper Taste: “Our vinyl-only label celebrates the musicality and diversity of sound we distinctively embrace”

Proper Taste is a deejay duo/collective coming out of Atlanta with Caribbean descent. Their passion for vinyl got them a jump start in circles where collectors and other experienced players came to feed the urge for deep/soul sometimes tech. Their collective approach has brought communities together in the name of love, good spirit and respect for one’s individual proper taste to celebrate culture in this domain.

Proper Taste Records is official and the 1st vinyl-only label release, ‘Caribbean Roots – Trinidadian Deep’ is available and you can get it here.

Electronic Groove: Hi there and welcome to EG. First of all, let’s get started with the musical background behind Proper Taste?

Proper Taste:  Blessings and thank you for this opportunity. Proper Taste started with a passion for vinyl and through this shared emotion; we decided to create an outlet that exemplified our Caribbean descent. Proper Taste also doubles as a deejay-duo collective by which name we play shows and organize events to express our affinity for soul, deep and afro/latin. With our guest mix, we welcome you to our roots. Lastly, we mutually claim an interest in production with one of us being professionally trained in audio engineering and released a few singles and remixes of his own.

Electronic Groove: What is the concept of the label and how do you see it blending into today’s scene?

Proper Taste: Our vinyl-only label celebrates the musicality and diversity of sound we distinctively embrace. We’re not as concerned with today or any specific scene as much as we are about creating recorded history whose lifetime extends beyond our years. Coming from foreign backgrounds fueled our desire to stay rooted, much like building a home away from home. That we feel is the concept; to merge the gap for common ground.

Electronic Groove: Your first release ‘Caribbean Roots’ EP just came out. What has the reception been so far?

Proper Taste: The response has been overwhelming. ‘Caribbean Roots’ EP has received praise from some of our musical heroes: Ron Trent, Kai Alce, Michael Scott, Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade, Volcov, DJ Kemit, Anthony Collins, you name it. Amongst some of these greats, our friends and various other vinyl lovers across the globe have supported our 12” release. Most recently picked up by Gramaphone Records in Chicago and Rush Hour in Amsterdam where you can find limited copies.

Electronic Groove: Who produced the EP? How does the label come about choosing its artists?

Proper Taste:  Trinidadian Deep produced the EP in his NYC studio. He has been a brother to us by supporting our label journey from the beginning. His music production and sensibility is the perfect representation of the sound that exemplifies our label. Looking ahead, artists should be aware that Proper Taste isn’t individualistic. We all have Taste. Therefore, it is important to share the influences that define one’s personal flavor. Through this, we will be able to conjure the right fit for future releases on the label.

“Artists should be aware that Proper Taste isn’t individualistic.
We all have taste”

Electronic Groove: We know it is quite early, but do you have any more releases on the horizon?

Proper Taste:  In our opinion, each release should clear people’s souls and lift them higher. It is a bit early as we are still enamored with the ‘Caribbean Roots’ EP and our mission is to let records breathe, give them the attention and care they deserve. We do hope to have another EP ready for release later in the year; however, we cannot disclose details about the project. For the time being, continue to follow our social media for all Proper updates.

Electronic Groove: On a more global topic how do you see the current situation with the virus affecting the industry? What good can come out of this?

Proper Taste:  The impact of the virus has been challenging for the world as well as the electronic music community. Certain countries i.e. (Italy & Germany) which are primary hubs for a plethora of clubs, venues and festivals have been impacted tremendously. The livelihood of artists, labels, clubs & promoters depends heavily on travel and high visitation. We are deeply saddened by the widespread deaths that continue to accumulate around the world and pray that our music can uplift the spirit while we find a resolution.

Electronic Groove: You guys are based in Atlanta. Where should we go for a good dance and some drinks when visiting?

Proper Taste:  Atlanta is truly a vibrant city for dance music. MidCity Café, the Sound Table, Music Room, Alley Cat, and Banshee are all excellent Friday & Saturday night options. You will likely meet someone or a group of people who identify with your musical taste, thus instilling a sense of trust and welcomeness into the underground scene. Ravine if your dancing demands a bigger room and Funktion One sound.

Electronic Groove: Good luck with the label. We’re excited to listen to what’s to come!

Proper Taste:  Much love and gratitude for giving us a platform to connect with the world. Thank you in advance to those who chose to read this interview. ‘Caribbean Roots’ 12” and our limited edition merch is available for purchase directly on our website

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