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Psycho Weazel: ‘ It’s not easy to see the future but definitely we are moving forward in the scene’

Psycho Weazel is a duo composed by Léo Besso and Ivo Roxo. Constellation is the word which is able to resume all the story.  Their relation started during a highschool skicamp. After five days together they noticed that they had too many common things to just be simple friends. So, They started their musical carrier at la case à chocs. Little by little their friendship grew. That brotherhood was attractive and helpful to reach the trust of the local public.  Musical composition and production are probably their strong point. They have different ways to think a production, but together they succeed to create something even more specific and magic.  They have now a little crew: a graphic designer called Julian Bader and an artist manager.  Listenable is their friendship, visible as a constellation.  Travelling between emotional influence and folkloric rhythms, they bring their passion to the crowd.

We had the chance to talk with them aligned to the recent release of his latest EP ‘Uluro’ on Le Jour Me Nuit label.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys, thanks for the time to chat with us. Can you let us know how you met and how did you get interested in electronic music?

Psycho Weazel: Thanks to you! Our meeting was like a love story. We studied in the same school in Neuchâtel and during the ski camp we noticed we had the same playlist on our iPod, the same passion for skateboard and the same taste for girls 🙂

Our interest, passion, for electronic music was older than that. We both liked the same artists and vibe. We had to make something with our relationship. That was written in the stars…

EG: How would you define your current musical style?

Psycho Weazel: Our musical style is very versatile, but always in the same vibe. We have a lot of different inspirations, from different continents to the electronic world nowadays, we take it all. So, to be simple, we make electronic music.

EG: How has been the first part of the year so far? Any highlight worth mentioning?

Psycho Weazel: So far so good. Not a lot of gig comparing to last years but we spent a lot of time in the studio. We know that 2017 is hiding a lot of surprises.

Some highlights are, first,  the party we organized with Marvin & Guy and Auntie Flo. Second, the one with &ME, Dario D’Attis and D.Y.A.

EG: You’ve recently released the ‘Uluro’ EP on Le Jour Me Nuit. Can you explain us about the production process of the two tracks?

Psycho Weazel: It’s always difficult to explain our creative process. Often we start separate projects, and then we meet to work on it.

For ‘Vai Venus’ we use a Korg ms-10, Moog Little Phatty, Tr8, iPhone mic and some plugins.

For ‘Uluro’ we start with a Didjeridoo recorded in the street, and then we worked with African percussions and rhythms. We use the Moog Little Phatty for the synths too.

EG: Can you let us know about your local scene? Are you guys holding any current residency?

Psycho Weazel: We live in a little city, only 25000 residents. The local scene is tiny but big things happen sometimes. There’s a lot of young and motivated DJs, but not a lot of opportunities to play. Switzerland is a little country, we are very close to another city.

We think we can say that we are part of the Case à Chocs family which is probably the most important place out there.

EG: Who would you say has been the artists that have most inspired you in terms of music?

Psycho Weazel: We can both say that all the Keinemusik crew inspire us and to be sharper Solide Musik too. But some personal influences are:

Léo: Among others, Chilly Gonzales, Stimming, Isolée, Marvin & Guy, Rebolledo and of course Nicolas Jaar. I can talk about all the 80’s movement as well.

Ivo: It’s hard to say it because I have a lot of inspirations. Red Axes, Rebolledo, Pional, Marvin & Guy, and at the moment I use to be inspired by Disco and Rock rhythms like Tame Impala (particularly ‘The Less I Know Better’ album).

EG: Are you working on any new productions? Any news that you can share with our audience?

Psycho Weazel: A loooooooot! Not kidding but, we have enough productions to play a month long set. Our problem is that we have to wait on the labels to release us. But now we are learning how the things work.

Electronic Groove: How the rest of 2017 is looking for the Psycho Weazels?

Psycho Weazel: It’s not easy to see the future but definitely we are moving forward in the scene, step by step, and showing that Psycho Weazel is not just a funny name.

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