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Rafa Barrios: “Whenever I prepare new material, I do it as if I was dancing on a dancefloor”

Rafa Barrios tracks have been supported and played by some big names like Carl Cox, Chus & Ceballos, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, among others. Those tracks have been  released as well on some of the most important Techno and Tech House labels around including Intec Digital, Tronic, Stereo , Suara, Blackflag Recordings and more.

We recently chat with the Spanish artist about his latest cut on Knee Deep in Sound, future plans and other interesting topics.

Electronic Groove: Hi Rafa, thanks for your time. On past July came to light Knee Deep in Sound’s ‘Ibiza 2016 Sampler’ including your ‘Uhlop’ track. How did this project became a reality?

 Rafa Barrios: I met Daley – Hot Since 82 – in Barcelona a few months ago and I thought to prepare something special for his label. I moved forward and that was the final result.

Electronic Groove:  Can we expect more tracks of you in Knee Deep in Sound in the near future?

Rafa Barrios:  Sure, why not, currently I’m preparing a lot of music for 2017 🙂

Electronic Groove: ‘Uhlop’ has a much more jovial character than your usual tracks; what do you think about this? Was a conscious decision or an inspiration moment?

Rafa Barrios:  It was a decision to produce something more “summer” style oriented, and aligned to Hot Since 82 label sounds!

Electronic Groove: You just released ‘Zwarte Tulp’ alongside Le Vinil on Stereo Productions. The track has already been supported by Carl Cox, Carlo Lio, Dosem, Nick Curly or Chus & Ceballos, what do you feel when all your cuts are praised by heavyweight artist like them?

Rafa Barrios: It’s always good you receive support from all these artists, small or bigger ones, all their opinions and support are well received, although I am very happy that these big names like my music, work is paying off 😉

Electronic Groove:  You usually say that your music is created for the dancefloor. When you are composing do you think in the moment that is going to be played?

Rafa Barrios: Whenever I prepare new material, I do it as if I was dancing on a dancefloor, that’s the way I motivate myself. That’s my style and I’m not going to change it.

Electronic Groove:  As a Dj and Producer you’re a prolific one, frequently traveling around the world and releasing on labels like Intec Digital, Stereo Production, Tronic, Suara, Toolroom, Blackflag Records. How do you combine these two facets in a successful way? Where do you feel more comfortable, in the studio or in the booth?

Rafa Barrios: All is done with hard work, there is nothing you have regarding labels or parties that have been done without work, is what I do every day and I want to get everything I propose daily.

I consider myself 50/50, I love being in the studio but I also love to be playing either at a festival or in a chalet with my friends. I love my job.

Electronic Groove:  Starting on September you’ll tour through a series of important dates in America. Some places like Houston, Miami, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia are on the schedule, why do you think you’ve managed to rapidly connect with North and South American public?

Rafa Barrios: My first released track went very well in America, also the support of my mentors Chus & Ceballos, alongside my “Stereo” crew have been a very important part for me to learn how to fit into the American audience.

Electronic Groove: In your opinion what are most important differences between the American and the Spanish electronic music scene? How do you see the Spanish one in the near future?

Rafa Barrios: I don’t wake to make comparisons. I love Spain but it’s a shame that 70% of my gigs are out of here. I think gradually will get more experience and will get more recognition on the national scene, I’m working on it.

Looking ahead I see our scene in a positive way, a lot of new Producers and Djs, but first we must work together, individually things does not work.

Electronic Groove: If you had to pick a single moment of your career, which one you will choose?

Rafa Barrios: The Bpm Festival 2013 at Kool Beach. I’m not going to forget that party ever. It was the most important highlight in my career.

Electronic Groove: Tell us about your A & R role at Stereo Productions’s sub label, Iberican Encodings?

Rafa Barrios: Right now we have Iberican going slowly. At the moment all efforts are going to Stereo, and I think we are achieving good results. We’ll take Iberican back soon…

Electronic Groove:  Finally, what are your future plans, both short and long term? What goals do you have left to achieve?

Rafa Barrios:  The only thing I can tell you about my future plans is that I’m going to release my first album in 2017. I have no release date defined yet, but it’s going to be before summer on Stereo Productions. I have been working for months on this album and I’m preparing all to be released next year.

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