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Ramy Mishriky: “You’ll Always Find A Story Behind My Mixes”

Ramy Mishriky: “You’ll always find a story behind my mixes”

Born and raised in Egypt, international DJ & music producer Ramy Mishriky got his influence from various music genres such as jazz, blues, and a pretty wide range of genres, he traveled around and spread out his discoveries to music scenes going from Eastern Europe to the United States. Now, based in Los Angeles, California, he is highly ranked among some of the biggest names in house music.

We caught up with Ramy Mishriky to talk about his latest musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi Ramy and welcome to EG. First I want to thank you for the mix. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it and how do you go upon the track selection?

Ramy Mishriky: Thanks for the invite. The more you dig into it, you’ll find some inner details that change your entire perspective, you’ll always find a story behind my mixes, It’s like the piano: some sound as though they’re questioning something, and other keys sound as though they’re answering.

EG: Tell us a bit about your beginnings in Dance music. How did it all started?

Ramy Mishriky: When I was about 11 years old, I used to hang out at my father’s office and kind of keep myself busy with his vinyl library, I remember when he told me “pick up something and let’s put it on”. By that time I knew quite a few artists. The record I selected was ‘Eagles – Hotel California’, and when I settled down and never took my eyes off the amplifier, surrounded by the sound system was amused by how it was done, and how the recorded drums were panning from left to right, then straight to the center the accuracy of the kick! And that was when I started my piano lessons and started gathering up new toys!

EG: You’re living now in Los Angeles, correct? How does the scene compare there to your home town?

Ramy Mishriky: Yes! It’s always interesting to be somewhere new and check how the scene is. Here in Los Angeles is big, no doubt about it.

EG: Are you producing anything at the moment?

Ramy Mishriky: Always! Couldn’t pass a day without going through a couple of ideas, there is always a more groovy warm bassline that can fill up the dancefloor.

EG: Where do you get your inspiration from? Does your surrounding reflect in any way on the outcome of your music?

Ramy Mishriky: I believe the surroundings are definitely part of my inspiration, it mainly comes from nature and things that are lacking the artificial touch. I believe that in order to touch people, I must be touched, and that’s where my inspiration comes from.

For example, for my track ‘Eternel La Perfection’, through one of my hikes as through one of my onto an extremely high mountain when we got the chance to be facing the clouds with a lot of greens around where goosebumps kicked in and soul was naturally touched, and that’s what you’ll feel listening to this track wherever you are!

For the other track ‘Egypt’, it’s me being away far from home and where I love to be in Sinai, nothing surrounding me but the land, the incomparable Red Sea and what is above! The Ney throughout the track feeling up this shallow desert sand which a smooth groovy bassline that will make a wave in the sea.

“I believe that in order to touch people, I must be touched, and that’s where my inspiration comes from”

EG: Winter season is still in full force. What have been some of the most memorable events so far?

Ramy Mishriky: The ones with great music and good company.

EG: Moving into DJing, what is your dream location to play at? Small club, boat party, massive venue? And why?

Ramy Mishriky: I have a dream that one day I’ll be sharing my music in front of billions surrounding me in the middle of the dancefloor booth, however, if you’d talk about clubs I’d always be honored to play at Printworks London, Space Miami, and more. Historical venues that will keep the sound in the walls as it kept history as a secret.

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