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Redsea: “We Are A Collective Of Artists That Combine Music With Visual Arts”

Redsea: “We are a collective of artists that combine music with visual arts”

Started in April 2017th, Redsea is a new project from Andrea and Luigi of Agents Of Time. A completely new approach to music: electronic influences blending together with ambient and pop elements to create a very distinctive mix.

We had the chance to talk with Redsea to discuss their debut LP ‘The Birth’,

EG: Thanks for your time today, can you tell us about yourselves. When did you form Redsea and how would you describe your sound?

Redsea: Thanks for the invite. Redsea is made up of Luigi Tutolo and Andrea Di Ceglie, we decided to start this project 2 years ago to cross our musical abroad. The project is heavily inspired by some of our favorite artists like Thom Yorke, James Blake, The XX and Jeff Buckley. Listening to them every day has had an impact on our sound. The album tells a story about our own personal lives.

EG: You describe yourselves as an artist collective, what does this mean?

Redsea: Nowadays we think it’s really important for us to express our art at 360°. That’s the reason why we’ve created a group of people who are introducing their own experiences, background and their personal interpretation of our music. The goal for Redsea is to have, in the future, more and more people matching their own artistic vision with our musical ideas.

EG: Where did the name Redsea come from? Does it represent anything?

Redsea: While we were working as ‘Agents Of Time’, we felt that it was the right moment to start a parallel project. This was the opportunity to experiment a new sound going far from the normal routine, trying to approach ourselves to a new world. So we’ve taken the name from the ‘Crossing of the Red Sea’ that is part of the biblical narrative of the Exodus, the escape of the Israelites, led by Moses, from the Egyptians.

EG: You’re releasing your album across 4 volumes, with each volume representing a different part of the human life. Where did the idea for the concept come from?

Redsea: The 4 volumes represent the creative process which led us to the creation of the album. The idea of representing the 4 volumes as different parts of human life came from a meeting between us and Simone Sinesi, the guy who realised all the visuals of the concert. We came out with a broad vision of different point of views about strong themes like the birth, the beginnings and love.

“The goal for Redsea is to have, in the future, more and more people matching their own artistic vision with our musical ideas”

EG: You’ve released the 2nd chapter of your album ‘Humans Pt 2: The Birth’, can you tell us more about the tracks?

Redsea: The second chapter of our album contains three tracks about love. ‘Love Should’ has dramatic and floating leads, mixed with an evolving arpeggio, all sustained by a marching organic groove. ‘Raindrop’ is an instrumental track, with a heavy bassline that explores a darker sound. The pads and leads used in the second half of the track underline the melancholic feeling behind the track concept. ‘You Deserve’ brightens up the EP. A romantic vocal, minimalistic groove and soulful melodies. A good sample of another side of the Redsea project experimentation.

EG: How does/will each volume differ to represent a different chapter of the human life?

Redsea: The first chapter of our album represented the beginning of the vision of life itself, with the second chapter we moved further speaking about the love and conflicts of every human. In the third chapter, the main concept is the continuous pursuit of something that will never end.

EG: Can you tell us more about the artwork for your releases, what is the story concept behind it?

Redsea: We are a collective of artists that combine music with visual arts. Behind the cover of the album, is the talented Giulio Spagone, who used the cover as a canvas to express his own interpretation of our music. Our main focus was to have a photographic interpretation of the creation of a new world. Two subjects, who are humans but aliens, that live on an undiscovered and unknown planet. Giulio took hundreds of photos of two dancers, covered in body paintings. The post-production result was so striking, he was able to transform a normal landscape into an iconic and abnormal place. So, we decided to pick 3 different pictures, one for every chapter of the album.

EG: You’re a live electronic act, what’s your current live set up like? What can people expect from your shows?

Redsea: The setup of our live shows is a mix of analogue gears and computers. The melodies are made by a Moog Minitaur and a Korg Monologue, which is also used for the trippy arpeggios that are the core of our sound. Pads and LFO leads are made by the Yamaha CS Reface combined with an analogue Boss delay. The power of our live shows is for sure the combination between the sounds and the visuals, made by Simone Sinesi, a member of our team. The vocal lead, the romantic and melancholic melodies merged with cinematic visuals bring you a live 360° experience.

“Redsea showcases a new deep and conceptual sound”

EG: Why did you decide to take branch away from Agents Of Time and create Redsea, what are the differences between the two acts?

Redsea: We’ve always been fascinated with this kind of indie pop and electronic music. Agents Of Time’s act showcases a trance and techno sound with raw and dark parameters, whilst Redsea’s act showcases a new deep and conceptual sound, more oriented into the concert world. During our performances, we try to let people live a personal experience. The mix of visuals, lights and music creates a story that can be read in different ways by different people.

EG: Finally, what do you guys have upcoming?

Redsea: These days are very stressful and intense because we are working like the devil on a new album, which will include different collaborations with other artists. We are also working on some concerts in Europe. Our next release will be the third part of our album and after that, we will release a limited series of CDs of our album with some bonus tracks and a fine art stamp of our album’s artwork.

Redsea’s ‘The Birth Pt.2’ is already available. Stream/Buy here.

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