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Resonance: “It’s All About Bringing The Feeling Of Something That Is Unique And Special”

Resonance: “It’s all about bringing the feeling of something that is unique and special”

Resonance gives his particular and poetic vision of electronic music without giving up his love for the electronic clubbing sounds he has developed throughout his career fusing brightly with styles from underground and experimental music to pop sounding thus making appealing his productions to different audiences.

We caught up with Resonance to get the full details on his new EP, ‘Light Anthems’ via Univack Records.

Electronic Groove: Hi Resonance, thanks for your time. How are you doing today? Where you come from?

Resonance: Hi friends, it´s a pleasure. I’m doing okay, thanks! I’m from the Canary Islands, Spain and I’m living on the island of Tenerife but I usually travel to the mainland on a regular basis.

EG: How did you get involved with electronic music?

Resonance: Well, it happened when I was very young and I used to listen to music like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and so on, back in the days. Later on, I got involved into IDM and techno music when I started going clubbing which caused me a big impact in the way I wanted to create and express my musical productions. That period of my life made an important breakthrough in my music, definitively.

EG: Congratulations for your recent and successful release ‘Light Anthems’. What was the inspiration to produce it?

Resonance: You’re very kind, thank you so much. The inspiration came when I was creating the versions of my last album ‘Light Continuum’ to play Live. Those versions were looking for a more danceable style than the originals, then I was really happy with the results and feeling a strong connection with the audience so I decided to crystallize a few tracks into an EP and release it in order to not to lose all that work.

EG: Can you say this EP is the continuation of your past EP ‘Light Continuum’?

Resonance: It’s a kind of extension, because it also includes unreleased stuff like ‘Quiet Surface’ which actually wasn’t included on the ‘Light Continuum’ LP, and now I wanted somehow to recover it. This new EP it’s not a sequel but it can be considered as the second act of a musical performance.

“This new EP it’s not a sequel but it can be considered as the second act of a musical performance”

EG: There is also an extra limited edition of cassettes including your new tracks. How the idea came from?

Resonance: I consider myself as a music lover and for me that implies loving all record formats, from CD’s to vinyl and so I never got rid of my old cassettes, despite the fact they were regarded as obsolete. These things were part of my life and brought me very nice moments. For ‘Light Anthems’ I wanted a vinyl format, like my others albums ‘Light Continuum’ and ’Skygaze’ but due to the revival of the vinyl, the pressing plants are now collapsed and the manufacturing process would take a long period, so I wanted to produce this EP before the end of the year. Thus that was how the idea of the cassette tape came along. For me is also frustrating to release only on digital format because I appreciate the music as a piece of art, that should remain in time and not get lost in a files cemetery. The result is so sweet and the cover art by Sergio Iracheta is just amazing. It’s all about bringing the feeling of something that is unique and special. Why not a record? And the label, Univack Records, is completely glad with the tape and supportive about my ideas.

EG: Are you planning to film a video related to this EP?

Resonance: Yes, I see my music as something visual and I’m working with Oliver de La Cruz, a very young director from my town to film it. Indeed, we shot a promo video and there are a few very cool takes left that we shot in Tenerife, so we’re thinking of making a complete footage for at least one of the tracks, probably ‘Scape Anthem Live Mix’. This track is performing very well among DJs charts, so it would be an interesting moment to bet on it.

EG: How was the Summer season for you?

Resonance: It’s been very busy… Fortunately! And I would like to keep this working rhythm for a few more months. I’m very happy since I made the decision of doing this for a living. It’s not an easy job because as you know, this is a very complicated world and you have to deal with so many aspects, which lots of them aren’t related to music. I’m working closely with my agency Magnum Bookings and planning a Europe tour during this winter.

EG: Any special gig worth the mention?

Resonance: I played in an event in my island that was completely massive. The name was ‘Minimal Summer Festival’ and took place in a little coastal town called El Poris de Abona, in the south of Tenerife.  The audience was 40.000 people and the access to the town was restricted by the police. Playing abroad is always a very nice experience, but playing at home it has a very pleasant flavor to me. People from the Canary Islands are so close and passionate.

“I consider myself as a music lover and for me that implies loving all record formats, from CD’s to vinyl to cassettes”

EG: Can you mention of favorite tracks at the moment?

Resonance: I like very much a few nice tunes such as ‘Monument (Stephan Bodzin Remix)’ by Tale of Us & Vaal, ‘Orchidea’ by Luca Maniaci, ‘La Bruja’ by Pig&Dan and ‘Climb to the Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix)’ by Third Son

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Resonance: At the moment I´m promoting the new EP and I have on my schedule different Spain & Europe gigs during winter, playing Live and DJ Set as well. Then in January, I will be going back to the studio to create new music, so I’m very excited about coming back to that environment to record new ideas and sounds that I have had in my head for some months.

Resonance’s ‘Light Anthems’ EP is out. Grab your copy here.

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