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SAAND: “I Like To Use The Sounds And Inspirations Of The World To Create A New And Unique Experience For The Listener”

SAAND: “I like to use the sounds and inspirations of the world to create a new and unique experience for the listener”

Los Angeles based Michael Sandler’s accomplishments span across a variety of genres and pseudonyms. As SAAND, his melancholic audio tales are no doubt intended to motivate a floor over the course of an evening. The sulky textures that flow through SAAND’s palette add depth while simultaneously controlling the intensity of the music.

Today, he celebrates his latest release ‘Verano’ sharing with us some thoughts on his label Tierra Sounds, summer schedule and living in California.

Electronic Groove: Hi SAAND, thanks for chatting with us today. What are your first electronic music memories?

SAAND: Hey guys, hows it going? Thanks for having me! I’d say my first memories of electronic music were when I was 13 years old and I was introduced to electronic music with genres such as breaks, trance, drum & bass and hardcore. I remember my first time, I was 14 years old and went to this rave in San Bernardino and saw Doc Martin and Dj Trance play and I was forever hooked.

EG: Time has passed and you have become a professional Dj running your own label, Tierra Sounds. What made you decided to create your own imprint?

SAAND: I wanted to create my own label so I could put out my own productions along with working with other artists I loved and admired. I have been writing so much music over the years and really just wanted to put it out. So far, since December 2017, I have put out five releases on the label and featured works from KMLN, Pezzner, Ricoshei, Lonely Boy, Norman Weber, Pattern Drama, Finley and George Vala.

EG: What’s the label’s concept?

SAAND: Well the label is called Tierra Sounds, Tierra meaning Earth in Spanish, so basically it’s called Earth sounds. The main concept of the label is to release music that creates a feeling and takes you to a place. Being very fortunate to have traveled a lot, I like to use the sounds and inspirations of the world to create a new and unique experience for the listener. I was born and raised in Southern California so that helped influence my sound and the blend of vibes that I create.

Tierra Sounds logo

EG: You just released a new EP titled ‘Verano’ that means summer in Spanish. What was the inspiration on this one?

SAAND: The inspiration was just that, Summer! I wanted to show my range and diversity as an artist and put out an EP of all summer tunes, keep it seasonal.

“I wanted to create my own label so I could put out my own productions along with working with other artists I loved and admired”

EG: Listening to the tracks we can note this a different sound from your past releases. It was casual or are you trying to show a different facet of you as a musician?

SAAND: Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to display my range and diversity as an artist. I really imagined this EP to be one that you listen to chilling by the beach with a nice drink in hand or just cruising down the highway with all your windows down. I wanted this to be a mellow release that keeps you vibing and grooving, something that you can play in the background that just ties it all together.

EG: What else is planned on the label? Any sneak peek you can share with us?

SAAND: Well pretty much just putting out more music. I have a bunch of original material all ready to go and am currently working with some great remixers as well. Also, I just signed a few new tunes from other artists. One I am excited about is this tune ‘Namibia’ by my friend and Genius Loci Festival Co-founder Henry Pope, and it features a nice remix from me as well.

EG: How’s your summer agenda looking like? Any particular gig you are looking forward?

SAAND: Summer has been great so far! Lots of gigs and traveling. I’m really looking forward to this month. I’ll be doing a Mexico tour, then headed back home to play the amazing Gardens of Babylon Los Angeles debut, then after that, there is Burning Man! September is also looking great playing some more in Mexico and then really looking forward to heading down under at the end of the Summer for my Australian debut.

EG: Do you keep an eye open for what others are doing? Are there any producers out there that you might recommend on listening too?

SAAND: Lately I have been so busy with my own productions and running my label that I haven’t had the time to see and hear as much as I’d like, but some artist that have been gaining my attention are Sobek, Moblack, Supernova, Joeski, and Mollono.Bass, just to name a few.

EG: You currently live in Los Angeles. What are your favorite spots in the city?

SAAND: LA is a huge city with so much to offer, there is always something to do, you can never go bored. One of my favorite parts though is that in 2 hours time from the city you can go anywhere into nature. From the mountains to the beach, to the desert, to the forest, we are so lucky to have so much nature around us that we can get away from the craziness and find balance if needed. I really like that.

EG: Can you mention a special song for you to finish the interview?

SAAND: One song that I can’t stop playing is ‘Oggun’ by Hallex M on Yoruba Records. I love this song so much and it always kills the dance floor. It’s a really special tune to me and I feel it captures the vibe at any time.

SAAND’s ‘Verano’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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