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Seb Zito: “I Think My London Sound Is Still Very Much Present In My Music”

Seb Zito: “I think my London sound is still very much present in my music”

Ever since Seb Zito first discovered electronic music in 1994, he has continued to evolve through the many elements of the underground scene. His Labels Seven Dials & F&Z gain huge support from the house & techno scene, as have his own releases and remixes on labels such as Fuse, Infuse, Hot Creations, Play It Say It, Edible, Four Thirty Two, ORIGINS, Rawax & Kaos Theory. A firm favourite at Fuse, Seb has performed at some of the worlds most renowned clubs and gain residency at Amnesia Ibiza with Fuse & Hyte.

Seb has made a name for himself with a powerful house and techno sound: raw and uncompromising, it’s something that has characterized his music throughout his career, and is very much in evidence in his latest EP for Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records.

We caught up with Seb Zito to talk about his latest musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hello, Seb, thank you for being here with us once again. Where are you now? How have you handled the lockdown? Do you feel like you’ve made the most out of the situation?

Seb Zito: Hello all. I’m currently in Brighton for Brighton Music Conference. Honestly it’s been tough because I haven’t been able to do the thing I love, and also the uncertainty of it all isn’t great for the mind. But on the major plus, I have my beautiful daughter who I’m bonding with more than ever.

EG: We know you have a brand new EP coming up on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records. Could you tell us more about the inspiration for ‘Don’t Leave’?

Seb Zito: It’s influenced by my 90’s raving days and instead of going down the tech route I made it a little more techno.

EG: We want to dig a little deeper into the creative process. Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any particular ‘rituals’ to get in the zone?

Seb Zito: Whenever I’m stuck I always seem to look back on my garage days, early years of buying records. So I tend to go back to that period, go through a sampling process and then revamp those ideas for today.

EG: Diving into the studio…What’s your set-up like? Do you have some kind of workflow you follow down to the ground every time?

Seb Zito: Pretty much a mixture of what I said above along with just switching everything on and jamming. Tends to change depending on my mood.

“Music is meant to connect us all and this is just a temporary fix”

EG: Last time we spoke, you were just about to set sail with 7 Dials. What has the experience been like?

Seb Zito: It’s been great, so many talented artists on the label and I get to push the sound I love the most, house & garage.

EG: Is there anything you would have done differently regarding 7 Dials? Are there any tips or advice you’d give to someone starting up their own label?

Seb Zito: Wish I did it sooner, was an idea for years but just never put it into practice. Don’t listen to anyone, just do what you love and believe in it.

EG: How much has your sound changed since the beginning? Is there something you look to achieve through your tracks?

Seb Zito: I think my London sound is still very much present in my music but I’ve taken it a little more tougher and maybe less minimal/ stripped back.

EG: Do you think these changes in everyone’s agenda will be permanent or do you think everyone will go back to the old ways? How do you envisage the return to ‘normality’?

Seb Zito: I hope so because this is not a new normal, I hate that saying. What we’re going through is abnormal. I think it’s up to us to keep the energy of human connection at the forefront of what we do. Music is meant to connect us all and this is just a temporary fix.

“Whenever I’m stuck I always seem to look back on
my garage days”

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year? What can your fans expect for 2021?

Seb Zito: My album will be released next year on Eats Everything label, edible, I also have a mountain of music which will be released next year. Might even drop 2 albums.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, Seb! As always, it’s been a pleasure. We wish you the best going forward!

Seb Zito: Thanks guys, all the best 👊🏼

Seb Zito’s ‘Don’t Leave’ is now available via Saved Records. Stream and buy here

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