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Serge Devant: “Ibiza Is My Favorite Destination”

Serge Devant: “Ibiza is my favorite destination”

New York resident Serge Devant is turning heads. Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Damian Lazarus and Hot Since 82 have already acknowledged that there’s a new and extremely impressive producer on the scene, and with releases on their labels it’s easy to see why. Serge is a producer rapidly making a mark.

We had the chance to talk with him aligned to the recent release on Crosstown Rebels.

Electronic Groove: Hi Serge, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You recently released a new EP, ‘Thinking of You’ on Crosstown Rebels. What was the inspiration to produce this track?

Serge Devant: Hello all, thanks to you. We reunited after 2 years we produced ‘Fearing Love’. About ‘Thinking of You’ we started with some vocals on the instrumental side, then some layers and it happened ?

EG: You worked with Damiano and Camille Safiya. How was the environment during the production? Where was recorded?

Serge Devant: It was recorded in my home studio in New York, we got all together and tried different things, the result was close to what you hear. It’s always fun working with few people.

EG: Art Department and Reboot are the remixers. Did you choose them and why did you feel they were the correct artists to remix the track?

Serge Devant: Johnny from Art Department loved the track and decided to remix it, about Reboot one was selected after collectively agreed with Damian Lazarus and the Crosstown Rebels team. He had the time and liked the track, so it worked out.

EG: Are you working on any new material? Any sneak peek you’d like to share with our audience?

Serge Devant: There’s another EP on Crosstown coming on Fall / Winter, more of a club groover. After the Summer I will be back in the studio for something new.

EG: How’s your Summer agenda looking like? Any special gigs you are looking forward too?

Serge Devant: Definitely I’m looking forward to my Circoloco gigs, it will be my first time so that’s a special moment for me. I’ll be there September 11th and October 2nd.

EG: Can you mention a few of your favorite destinations to play at; and why?

Serge Devant: Definitely Ibiza is my favorite destination. Best parties and you see all your friends from all over the world! Nothing beats that ?

EG: Our readers are always looking forward to secret ‘bombs’ that DJ’s play. Can you name a few of them?

Serge Devant: Secrets bombs are named secret for the reason!

Serge Devant’s ‘Thinking of You’ is available on Crosstown Rebels. Grab your copy here.

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