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Solid Stone: “You Never Know What To Expect When Working On Music, And I Love It!”

Solid Stone: “You never know what to expect when working on music, and I love it!”

Canadian DJ and producer Solid Stone has been making his mark on the underground dance music scene over the last few years, providing a unique blend of progressive house, techno and melodic techno into his music. Having received support from some of the biggest players, he has proven that his sound can drive a crowd from hours on end with his whether it be with his productions or his many and memorable open to close sets.

We had the chance to chat with Solid Stone to talk about his current musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi Elias, thanks for your time today. How did you get involved with electronic music? Can you describe your early memories related to the genre? 

Solid Stone: Hey guys! Absolutely! I discovered electronic music at a young age in the late 90’s by randomly stumbling upon tracks like Sasha’s ‘Xpander’ and Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ which amazed me because it wasn’t anything I had heard before and I loved the soundscapes.

EG: Now you are a DJ/producer, running your own label Phenomena and Refresh Radio. What are your thoughts about your current musical state?

Solid Stone: It had definitely been a tough ride (laughs), and I’m happy with all the things that have been accomplished so far, but there is still much more I’d like to do!

EG: As s DJ how would you define your style?

Solid Stone: I mostly hover between progressive house, melodic techno and techno. When I get the chance to play longer sets, however, I’m able to expand on these so that something special can be created during.

EG: As a producer, you are about to drop a solo EP entitled ‘Ritual’ on your label. Can you describe the release?

Solid Stone: The ‘Ritual’ EP will include the title track as well as my other original titled ‘Lucid’, and they will be out on May 31st!

“I mostly hover between progressive house, melodic techno and techno”

EG: Also, what was the production process?

Solid Stone: The production process for ‘Ritual’ went rather well and quickly. Ideas seemed to have flown very nicely into each as if the track was making itself. ‘Lucid’ however was another story. I believe I’ve reworked the track entirely about five times until I was finally happy with the results. You never know what to expect when working on music, and I love it!

EG: There are some remixes planned?

Solid Stone: No remixes planned for the moment but perhaps in the future!

EG: Now, let’s talk about your label Phenomena. When it was founded and what’s its concept?

Solid Stone: The label was launched in June of 2018, so I am almost celebrating its first year! It serves as a platform to release my own music as well as that of others that I like.

 EG: Can you mention some of the artists that have published on the output?

Solid Stone: So far, excluding myself, I’ve had Dutch artist THNK, duo Luigi Gori & Larsun Hesh, as well as Banana Cat, on which I’ve provided a remix for.

“Phenomena serves as a platform to release my own music”

EG: What’s planned for the coming months?

Solid Stone: I plan on continuing releasing EP’s on the label, and I’m also working on a concept for potential Phenomena nights. Very excited about this.

EG: What about your Refresh Radio show. Do you present your own music? How often?

Solid Stone: Refresh Radio serves as a platform to showcase what is, in my opinion, the best music of the week. The concept is to have fresh new music on the show, allowing people to listen to Phenomena tracks before they are released.

EG: What are you planning for the summer season? Any special gig you are specially looking forward?

Solid Stone: Some exciting new releases and a special show that I’ll be playing in Montreal. A different concept that I haven’t seen before, so I’m excited for that one especially.

EG:  What’s the main objective you’d like to achieve this year?

Solid Stone: I want to get the concept for a Phenomena night up and running, and do something special that stands out.

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