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Sydney Blu: “It will be a big journey”

Sydney Blu’s career can be considered a journey of evolvement. With tremendous passion for live performance, music production, and all-around artistic creativity, Sydney’s constant determination shines brightly through her accomplished Dj career. In 2009, she founded her own imprint, Blu Music, on the principle of authentic, dancefloor-rich house and techno. The label quickly became a success, producing several chart-topping singles since its creation. Sydney’s success is largely attributed to the relentless touring schedule which she’s upheld over the years.

After her first solo album, Relentless (2015), the past 5 years have been huge years for Sydney Blu releases. A new album is on the horizon for her, set to be released before the end of 2020. Currently blazing through 2020’s packed studio schedule, Sydney Blu continues to build a name for herself through her music and endless devotion to the dance floor.

We had a chat with Sydney Blu to talk about her current musical projects and EG’s Music Weekend Festival.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Sydney, and welcome to Electronic Groove. First of all, how are you? How have you been dealing with the whole COVID-19 situation these past months?

Sydney Blu: Hi! I’m pretty good considering. I came back to Canada in March to be with my family. I already had a flight back from Berlin for Miami Music Week and I had planned to see my family right before I went to Miami. The world ended up shutting down and I’ve been up here since. I honestly wouldn’t rather be anywhere because the town I’m in (my home town Thunder Bay, Ontario) has no COVID. Canada has done pretty well with the virus so I’m lucky to be here.

EG: Can you tell us how did you first connect with music? How did you figure out that electronic music was your thing?

Sydney Blu: I always like what I heard of electronic music when I was a teenager and when I moved to Ottawa to go to college there was a proper underground nightclub called Atomic where I went to and heard house music for the first time. I fell in love with it then and became a DJ only 2 years later. I haven’t stopped doing what I love since.

Electronic Groove: We know you moved to Berlin last year from Canada. How has the transition been for you? What motivated you to make the move permanent?

Sydney Blu: It was a really smart move because the ultimate goal was to break into Europe and my biggest listening base is now in Germany so the objective has been accomplished. It took a while to start playing out and I had to meet all new people because I moved there not knowing a lot of people but it was a smart move because it put me out of my comfort zone which I needed.

Electronic Groove: How does the nightlife compare? Did you find any significant differences?

Sydney Blu: There is a huge difference. The only place remotely like Berlin in North America is Detroit, and even that is not really that much similar. Berliners go out all weekend and they love dancing on Sundays. The clubs open Fridays and don’t close until Monday. You can party every night of the week in Berlin and it’s a part of the culture. Also, the city embraces all genres of music and encourages the artist to think outside the box, not try to be like everyone else.

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Electronic Groove: You became somewhat of a regular over at KaterBlau, and now, this August sees your first release on the label. What does this mean for you? What did you try to convey through this release?

Sydney Blu: Yes, I spent a lot of time dancing at Katerblau, it’s an amazing space and I think this release is perfect for their label. With Temple, I conveyed that I have other sides to me other than tech house. I like playing that genre but that’s just one I like making and from playing piano in my childhood, I have always loved melody.

EG: Your sophomore album is coming up, and we know that this has been on the works for almost two years now. Can you tell us what to expect? How is this one different from your first one?

Sydney Blu: It’s much more melodic and deep. It also has a touch of indie dance. I also made some tech house and even dub house for this release, so it will be a big journey. We are just planning the release details so stay tuned for that! I am flying back to Berlin in October to film the music video for the first single so that’s another thing I’m excited about.

” It was a smart move because it put me out of my
comfort zone which I needed”

EG: What can you reveal to us about your upcoming set for our Electronic Groove Music Weekend?

Sydney Blu: The mix will be eclectic, deep, and house. A mixture of everything! Exactly what I’m into this moment, versatility.

EG: Many thanks and we wish you nothing but the best moving forward! Can’t wait to hear you rocking our Electronic Groove Music Weekend!

Sydney Blu: Thanks so much! Excited to be a part of it!

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