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Sydney Blu: “Escape Definitely Takes You On A Journey In Your Mind’

Sydney Blu: “Escape definitely takes you on a journey in your mind’

Sydney Blu has established herself as one of the top electronic producers and DJs. With an unbridled passion for live performance, music production, and artistic creativity, Sydney has risen herself to the pinnacle of the electronic music industry.

We had the chance to talk with her as she released today her new EP, ‘Escape’ on Underground Audio.

Electronic groove: Hi Sydney, thanks for the time. We’re excited about your first release on Underground Audio. What can you tell us about the productions process behind this special EP?

Sydney Blu: Glad to be here! I feel like both records are pretty unique. ‘Escape’ has more of a progressive vibe but yet is also super groovy. I never think too much about what I’m writing when I write it. More of a feeling.

EG: Does the name Escape represent the purpose of the EP?

Sydney Blu: I thought ‘Escape’ was a great name for the song and the EP because it definitely takes you on a journey in your mind. I think the track has enough melodies in it that it makes you feel nostalgic and it’s the perfect musical escape!

EG: Is the release coming out in digital and vinyl formats?

Sydney Blu: It is only coming out digitally but will be available on Beatport June 29th!

EG: We are also loving the cover. Who was in charge of its design?

Sydney Blu: The label Underground Audio did it. I have become a huge fan of this UK label. Their releases are fire. Excited to be collaborating with them.

EG: Are there any remixes planned for it?

Sydney Blu: Nothing right now, but there could be for the future! For now, it’s just the EP of the 2 songs. ‘Escape’ and ‘First Few Minutes.’

EG: Do you have any favorite tunes from Underground Audio’s catalog?

Sydney Blu: Yes! I love the song ‘Behind the Lens’ by Rudosa and also ‘Powda’ by Nineties. All of their releases are solid.

EG: What’s coming up Sydney for the rest of the year?

Sydney Blu: I have so much coming up! I have another release out July 27th on Kerri Chandler’s label MadTech recordings and I have touring non-stop. My branded event series ‘The Blu Party’ is also always on tour and we have several events lined up for the rest of the year as well.

Sidney Blu’s ‘Escape’ is now available. Grab your copy here.

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