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The Model & David Jackson Talk About Their Collaborative Release On Integrity Records

The Model & David Jackson talk about their collaborative release on Integrity Records

The third and final instalment of Integrity Record’s ‘We Are Friends’ series features one of Romania’s finest and more prolific DJ and producer The Model, pairing up with Heidelberg, Germany’s young prodigal son David Jackson. First appearing on the label with a remix for The Model’s ‘More UFOs’ EP, the two might seem at first glance the unlikeliest of pairing for the final chapter in the ‘We Are Friends’ series but the results here will prove otherwise. The pair delivers what can only be described as a no-nonsense three-track thriller of an EP filled with skittering drum rolls, analog synth lines, emotive pads and effective re-entries crafted expertly for maximum effect on the dancefloor.

We caught up with The Model and David Jackson to talk about the third installment of We Are Friends series.

Electronic Groove: Hello guys, nice to chat with you today. Where are you right now?

The Model: Thanks for the invite. Just got back from a basketball camp and I am back in my studio trying to decide what tracks I will finish next. I have five different ones lined up.

David Jackson: Ello! In beautiful Greece, preparing the wine harvest with my family.

Electronic Groove: Tell us about the last installment of ‘We Are Friends’ series. Both of you have a solo track, plus one done in collaboration. Can you describe the process behind each track mentioned?

The Model:Unicorns’ was initially planned for an LP I did a few years ago, a deep techno project. as the album did not get released, I felt it was a big track, so I kept it and refined it. The collab was just me and David, of whom I am a big fan, going back and forth between ideas and sketches and then just zeroing in onto this one and building it up from a simple, effective groove to what it is now.

David Jackson: My own track, ‘Theremin’, was finished quite a while before the release. It’s basically the result of me having a lot of fun with the filters, sequencers, and oscillators of my synths. The collaboration took quite a while, but I’m very glad we made it happen, after a few back and forth The Model sent me the idea for the track and I added my bits.

EG: How did you link with Integrity Records label head Eddie Niguel?

The Model: Well, Eddie got in touch about a couple of years ago saying he was a big fan of my own little label, Adult Central, and that he wanted me to do something for him. He is really a special guy, very professional and diligent about his work, very warm, so it really is a pleasure to work with him, both from a professional and human perspective. More people in the industry should steal a page or two from his playbook.

David Jackson: Before I got to know Eddie, his tracks ‘Back2Basics’ and ‘Absolute’ that are great stuff, were a firm component of my sets. The Model, who I know since my first release, introduced us to each other and I’m very happy he did.

EG: How would you describe the collaboration experience?

The Model: Well, once David got his sh…t together 🙂 (Love u David!)… things really fell into place. we have been talking and sharing tracks for 2 years now, really I’m a big fan of his work and we look to keep this up.

David Jackson: I think The Model and I are both quite stubborn people when it comes to producing music, we also like to take our time (unfortunately for Eddie, who had to push us for a deadline), but I think all together it was a nice process. I’m sure we’re going to make some more music in the future.

EG: Talking about your personal projects, what else is planned in the coming months?

The Model: Well, I got a new secret project, I have been doing a lot of tracks for this new one, testing them out, and I can’t wait to announce it. Big things ahead.

David Jackson: A big bunch of music I’m super excited about, but can’t say too much about yet

EG: Vinyl, CDjs or both? And why?

The Model: I love balance. I think balance is key to a happy, meaningful, fulfilling life. I play both because I take the best from both worlds. I grew up with vinyl since the ’90s, I have been playing vinyl non-stop for 15 years, collecting for 20. I got nothing to prove. I don’t overdo it with the vinyl-only cause I feel my track record and body of work speaks for itself. It is really funny to see these try-hard hipsters push vinyl like they invented the wheel. Relax dude, don’t become a Taliban… Get some perspective… Having said that, I absolutely love and prefer to play vinyl.

David Jackson: CDjs right now, since I think they are very convenient and a lot of fun, additionally the cost factor still plays a role. I do really want to integrate more and more vinyl tough!

EG: Your favorite gig of the year so far?

The Model: It has to be this illegal rave I played in an underground parking lot in Cluj, at the beginning of the year. 3 hours of 130bpm techno madness in a really special setting, with a lot of really up-for-anything youngsters. Totally inspirational for me. You guys should really get in touch with the promoter, Renato Centrifug, and do a story. If you really look to have meaningful content, his story is the sh…t.

David Jackson: It’s very hard to pick one since there were so many amazing ones already, but some very memorable nights were at Berlin’s Katerblau, Neversea Festival in Romania (together with The Model), or at peer23 in Mannheim.

The Model x David Jackson ‘ We Are Friends Part 3’ is already available on Integrity Records. Grab your copy here.

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