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Theo Motion: Showcasing the Miami 305 Music Vibe

Most know Soul Clap’s musical production is not limited to four to the floor house beats as they have long prided themselves in creating infectious grooves that take listeners back in space and time melding together everything from house to disco, to r&b. These guys prove time and time again to be the masters of vintage music edits, creating a sound all their own known as E-Funk. They also understand the importance behind collaborating with other artists to create beautiful music and their latest EP, ‘Three Oh Five Life’ is a perfect example of this.

We got a chance to catch up with Theo Motion, one of the artists behind ‘Three Oh Five Life’ creation to talk more about the EP and how this super dope collaboration with the guys from Soul Clap came to be.

Electronic Groove: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. Soul Clap is quite the funk phenomenon can you tell us a little bit about how you came to meet the guys? Could you tell us a little bit about how you guys were selected for this compilation? Had you all previously worked together on other projects?

Theo Motion: Earlier last year I met Charlie for the first time at their self-titled latest album release party at The Electric Pickle.  I remember handing him a fresh box of ginger snap cookies to thank him and Eli for all they have been doing for the movement and progression of classic underground house, and electronic funkiness.  It’s the least I could do. I had a spare USB with one of my latest tracks on it and decided to also give it to Charlie to enjoy; it was GRIND’.  Several weeks later and much to my surprise, he asked me for the parts of ‘GRIND’ to mess around with. Next, they hit me up again, telling me they had ended up spinning the track during their sets over the next month and people were turning their heads apparently.  I have always followed Crew Love as a fan, but after meeting and hanging with Eli and Charlie I’m happy to say these are the realest dudes who are all about spreading the love and music freely with no strings attached… It’s not very common to run into genuine, down to earth people in the industry today.  I’m from Boston as well, and it’s always nice to meet people from my hometown, as I’m currently residing in the 305, Miami.

“I think eventually, good music will no longer need to be labeled as underground, and will just be good music”

Electronic Groove: Would you say that collaboration with other artists is an important, if not essential component to any artist’s evolutionary success and longevity?

Theo Motion: You see it everywhere.  From mainstream artists all the way to the underground.  It’s a super dope time to be in the dance music scene because of the fact that the underground is starting to mesh with mainstream.  I think eventually, good music will no longer need to be labeled as underground, and will just be good music.  Yeah, there will always be “Pop music” but it’s great to see how big the underground scene has become if you look at the festival flyers these days.  Collaborating with other artists is indeed essential because instead of competing, where there is a win or lose mentality, the collaborators make friends with their “competition” and it’s a win-win for everyone… Deep thought: Not just in music but all aspects of life.

Electronic Groove: Every track on this EP has a distinctive sound, reverberating and reflecting the 305 vibe, each perfectly jiving with the other. Can you give us a quick synopsis of how you would describe each track and the artist behind its making?

Theo Motion: Each track has a certain character to it, none like the others.  It’s kind of like Miami in a way because of how diverse this city is starting to become.  Miami is an eclectic city and the EP definitely has the same vibe.

Electronic Groove: I read that you sang the vocals and created the music for your track ‘Grind’ out cold. Could you tell us how long that track took and what was the inspiration behind having your vocals be part of it?

Theo Motion: The track took roughly two months from start to finish.  I’ve always been a disco and funk guy so the track really reflects my musical framework.  I’ve always loved singing everywhere I go.  People look at me funny sometimes and think I’m crazy when I’m riffing out in public sometimes.  Singing is good for the soul!  I admire the soulful singers I grew up with like James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder to name a few.  I guess my vocal sound is a testament to those guys.

Electronic Groove: This EP is a perfect summation of the “305 Life”, mixing in all aspects and facets of Miami music culture. How difficult is it to school music fans today about the importance of keeping the era of disco, funk, Latin infused sounds and house music alive through edits, compilations and collaborations such as this one?

Theo Motion: May the funk be with you, mamacitas y papis!

Electronic Groove: A popular question that has been the center of conversation these days is the return of the turntable and vinyl to the Dj decks, upholding the adage that what is old is new again. How important is it that artists learn to infuse both hardware and software tools into their repertoire?

Theo Motion: I think that despite the growth of electronic music, there will always be a need to incorporate at least one live instrument or voice.  Something that was recorded live.  Something human. Something you can touch and feel.  There are a lot of artists showcasing this electronic instrumentation combo, and two of my favorites are Life on Planets and Henrik Schwarz.

Electronic Groove: What music legends would you say have been inspirational in terms of your sound progression?

Theo: Early influences? James Brown, Frank Sinatra, The Bee Gees, Scott Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Biggy Smalls, Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z.

Newer influences? Soul Clap, KiNK, Nick Monaco, Frankey & Sandrino, Tiga, YokoO, Henrik Schwarz, Lee Foss, Eli Escobar, German Brigante, Butch, andhim, DJ Koze, Moon Boots, Seth Troxler, Waff, Danny Daze, Dimitri from Paris, Shiba San, Nicolas Jaar, Kenny Dope, Wolf + Lamb.

Electronic Groove: Lastly, any chance of catching you guys around the 305 area any time soon?

Theo: Well Friday’s I’ll be doing pop up events on NW 2nd Ave and 23rd in Wynwood, and my boys Donredfox and Shane Shane Vincent play at Coyo Taco on Saturdays.

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