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Thyladomid talks about his new album ‘Places’

Charles Thiemann aka Thyladomid returns with a new LP entitled ‘Places’. Familiar to many through his work on Hamburg label Diynamic, the Cologne-based producer is recognized for his intuitive, deep melodic dance music and has found backing from the rest of the Diynamic family.

His debut album ‘Interstellar Destiny’ presented a more introspective-style of music and this is expanded upon throughout his latest work. As the title suggests, ‘Places’ refers to locations which inspired him to write the album.

Electronic Groove: Hi Thyladomid, thanks for your time. What is your background in music? Where does it begin? How did you land making electronic music?

Thyladomid: Thanks for inviting me! It started with playing the piano when I was about 7 years old, I attended piano classes until 13. After a break of 5 years I started showing interest in dance music. I immediately started working with simple beats when I was 18 or 19 years old, even before I knew how to Dj.

EG: Your new album is inspired by places you have been when you have been traveling. Could you tell us about the story behind the first track, ‘A Little Church in Amsterdam’?

Thyladomid: This track is referring to the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam. It is located in the “red-light” district and reflects the amazing opposites the city has. I love Amsterdam so much, especially in summer, really an inspiring place.

EG: What about the story behind ‘Blossoming Limburg’? Can you tell us a little bit about what took you to Limburg?

Thyladomid: We did this track last summer during a jamming session I did with Mahfoud at his warehouse studio, he does the vocals on this track. The beautiful city of Maastricht is where this track was born and he lives there. Limburg is a small village with some inspiring places I really like.

EG: ‘Kollwitzplatz’ came about from living in Berlin? Can you tell us about your experience living there? How did it influence your music?

Thyladomid: ‘Kollwitzplatz’ is a place in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. This district is quiet and idyllic. It is an area with a lot of families and kids, with a lot of green in the streets. That’s why you hear kids playing in the background on this track. It also reflects the short but amazing time I lived in there.

“My favorite instrument is the prophet 6 from Dave Smith”

EG: Some tracks on the EP are directly linked to actual places, however, some appear more cryptic such as ‘Four Friends’ and ‘Paradoxon’. Can you tell us the stories behind these two tracks?

Thyladomid: ‘Four Friends’ is a song about a group of young guys which hang around together for years and develop a great friendship. It reflects the ups and downs this kind of relationship has. On the other hand, it also shows that this can be transient.

‘Paradoxon’ is more about the techniques I used to create. It contains a dark beat with some beautiful melodies on top, which is kind of paradox to me. I also took a different approach in comparison to all other tracks on the album.

EG: You have a lot of equipment in your studio. Which two pieces are most crucial to you when producing and why?

Thyladomid: Well, to be honest, it depends. My favorite instrument is the prophet 6 from Dave Smith. For me, it’s the best sounding synthesizer I have ever experienced. I guess the sound of this instrument distinguishes my current sound.

The second instrument varies from time to time but for this album, it was Moog’s Sub37 which is a very good mono synth. It goes very deep in frequencies and I used it in the album a lot.

EG: What sort of process, if any, do you have when making music?

Thyladomid: This also varies sometimes. For the album, I started with the melodies and the theme which is the hardest bit. Later, I did the beat for one specific theme. For my more techno influenced productions I often start with beats.

“After the release of ‘Places’, I’ll do an album tour starting at the end of summer”

EG: Do you have any other projects going on aside of producing your own music and working on your album ‘Places’?

Thyladomid: Right now, I am working on an EP which will be out next November, hopefully on Diynamic. I am also doing a track for Marco Romboy’s label Systematic to be out in June.

I have also worked on several ambient tracks for Mario Hammer’s album, which will be out via Cocoon next January; I am especially looking forward to that.

EG: Finally, please let us know what you are up to for the remainder of 2018. Any festival plans?

Thyladomid: After the release of ‘Places’, I’ll do an album tour starting at the end of summer throughout the winter; I am of course really looking forward to that.

Thyladomid’s ‘Places’ will be out June 1st via Traum Schallplatten. Grab your copy here.

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