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Timo Maas: “The IDOL Team Has Done An Amazing Work And Preparation For This Project”

Timo Maas: “The IDOL team has done an amazing work and preparation for this project”

Timo Maas has been on a 30-year quest to deliver his musical wizardry to the world. In fact, music is such an intrinsic part of his DNA that it’s one of his main modes of communication. From a residency at the groundbreaking Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza, where he has been entrenched for over 15 years, to tours around Europe and the rest of the world, Timo Maas maintains a high level of performance. The visionary German also dedicates his time to conjuring up fresh new productions in his studio. His international recognition began with his seminal remix of ‘Dooms Night’ by Azzido Da Bass. Adopted by the UK’s garage scene, it launched him on to the world stage and he was soon being courted by a plethora of superstars from Madonna to Depeche Mode and Fatboy Slim to Muse.

We had the chance to talk with Timo Maas ahead of the kick-off of his new Ibiza residency, IDOL.

Electronic Groove: Hi Timo. First, we want to thank you for mixing our OFF Week EG Podcast edition. With this said, can you share with us where are you right now and what are your plans for this weekend?

Timo Maas: It was my absolute pleasure! At the moment I’m at home, in preparation for the coming weekend and also my Ibiza trip, that starts in a few days.

EG: You’re about to embark on your IDOL Ibiza residency at Sankeys. What can you tell us about it in terms of concept and music curation?

Timo Maas: Well…the name says it already! We tried to curate a lineup that stands out from the usual “standard”. I have invited some of my most iconic colleagues and friends to create that special vibe of storytelling Djing and performance. There is some outstanding talent, also away from the ‘headliners’ that will show us some high-quality musical experience.

EG: What are some of the guests we should expect to see at IDOL?

Timo Maas: The opening night will be with one of the most iconic Germany electronic artists ever, DJ Hell. He is a living legend, and I cannot wait to open our summer with him. Also, there will be Martin Buttrich, my longterm production partner, we will play a long set back-to-back. Also Daniel Miller, boss of MUTE Records, who discovered Depeche Mode, Plastic Man (Ritchie Hawtin) and many other mega artists, playing one of his rare techno sets. I’m also very proud to have Brian Molko on board, lead singer of Placebo, who will play a rare Dj set on July 31st. And so on, Tiefschwarz, Roman Flügel, etc…

“Ibiza still has it. Sometimes it’s hidden, but if you open eyes and ears,
it still can be a life-changing place!”

EG: In terms of visual production, can you give us any insight on what’s behind it?

Timo Maas: Not really yet, all I can say is…it will blow your mind! The IDOL team has done an amazing work and preparation for this project!

EG: You must have some new material customized for IDOL. Any sneak peek?

Timo Maas: Well, come over and have a listen! Of course, I got some gems coming up, also some very cool remixes of the already existing ‘Riding High’ track with Basti Grub and Eric Volta, which is working already strongly.

EG: With your experience and history, what’s your take on the evolution of the scene in Ibiza over the past years?

Timo Maas: I’m coming to Ibiza since 2000, and of course the island, the clubs, the scene has been constantly changing and challenging. Sometimes I think “oh, the good old times are gone…” and run into something completely exciting a moment later! Ibiza still has IT. Sometimes it’s hidden, but if you open eyes and ears, it still can be a life-changing place!

EG: Moving to more personal subjects, if you would have to choose, what would be your all-time track?

Timo Maas: That’s easy, Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine.

“Our profession is quite extreme in all sides of life”

EG: We’ve seen artists come to the forefront to talk about depression, drug abuse, and how touring has taken a massive toll on their personal life and mental health. What advice do you have for those who want to embark on a DJ career?

Timo Maas: I have experienced similar things and situations over the years. It’s not always gold what shines. Our profession is quite extreme in all sides of life, and also “fame” can make you very lonely. And not just that… I understand that over sensible characters, (and most of the artists are) can struggle with the daily challenge of just being, showing off and trying to stay on the top… it’s hard, I know!

EG: A few artists have mentioned that one of the perks of touring is having the possibility to experience worldwide gastronomy. Where and what would be your last supper?

Timo Maas: You ask the right person, besides music my other main hobby is food and cooking. Traveling has opened my mind totally for culinary adventures and experiences! The last supper? I would cook myself for my best friends a wide variety of international dishes 🙂

IDOL will kick off on July 3rd at Sankeys Ibiza.

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