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Tini Gessler: “Being An Elrow Resident Means You Share The Same Stage As Some Of The Biggest DJs In The World”

Tini Gessler: “Being an elrow resident means you share the same stage as some of the biggest DJs in the world”

A relative newcomer, Tini Gessler has risen through the music scene remarkably quickly. Starting out playing small parties in her home town of Sitges, Tini was soon picked up by Pacha Barcelona where she held a 3 year residency and it wasn’t long before she found herself playing at iconic clubs including Space and Pacha Ibiza before cementing herself as a staple part of the international Elrow team.

Tini has played across Europe and throughout Central and South America, frequently playing alongside international artists such as Jamie Jones, Paco Osuna and Joseph Capriati. Now she’s gaining a solid reputation for her pumping deep / tech-house sets.

We caught up with Tini Gessler to talk about her latest musical projects and to be part of elrow team.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Tini, thanks for your time today. Can you mention some of your early memories related to electronic music?

Tini Gessler: Hello EG, I grew up in Sitges, it’s a beach town outside of Barcelona that’s always been known for bars and music. My earliest memories of electronic music are hearing it as a kid in bars while out with my parents, I remember it being a very Balearic sound. Then, when I was 16, I started working as a bartender at a club there. That’s when I really started listening to electronic music, learning about it, listening to different DJs and cultivating my appreciation.

EG: How did you decide to become a full-time DJ?

Tini Gessler: Firstly, I never thought I would ever get to be a full-time DJ. When I first started playing it was at beach bars where I would play a set and then go straight back to serving at the bar after. The very first time I played at this little bar in Sitges, I knew this was my dream job. Like I said at first it seemed unattainable, I wasn’t being paid and there were no gigs, so I had to bartend. Little by little, without me realizing it; I started getting more chances to play (and money). There was a point when I was playing at Pacha and rushing back to Sitges to bartend, I was so tired and speeding down the highway every night. That’s when I thought if DJ’ing was really what I wanted to do, I needed to take a chance and put 100% of my energy into it.

EG: You’ve been an elrow Barcelona Resident since 2016, how did it feel to be made a full resident in 2018?

Tini Gessler: I was so excited! I had been playing with elrow for 2 years, but I was having so much fun that it went by so quickly. It felt not real, I was excited but also really nervous, being a resident means you share the same stage as some of the biggest DJs in the world. I’m really happy with the progress and I’m learning from everyone I have the pleasure to play with.

EG: What’s it like to travel and tour with a brand like elrow?

Tini Gessler: Lots and lots of fun. It sounds cliché but it is like a small family. When I go on tour it’s like being surrounded by my brothers and my friends. It’s a lot of cities in a small amount of time but I’m having so much fun that I don’t even think about it until I get home.

EG: You’ve had a speedy rise in the last 4 years, how do you think you’ve grown as an artist?

Tini Gessler: I think I am getting more confident in my work; both DJ’ing and producing. When you start out you don’t really have the confidence to play exactly how you want to play or exactly what you want to play. I didn’t have the experience to trust myself and read the crowd. With every show I do I get more confident; I just try to play what I am feeling and what I think the crowd will respond to. With my producing I take more chances and stick to my instincts and try not to be swayed by opinions of everyone.

EG: Do you have plans to release music in the coming months?

Tini Gessler: Yes, of course, I have several new tracks, and others to finish in the coming weeks. I hope to release at least two or three more EPs before the end of the year.

EG: What’s been your favorite gig so far? And also, what’s your favorite theme elrow show to play?

Tini Gessler: My favorite gig each year is the street parade in Zurich. It’s such a huge crowd and there’s something undeniable about the energy there. It’s this big street party and everyone’s just coming together to have fun. As an extra bonus, it’s near my hometown so it’s like a homecoming.

EG: Elrow have so many shows booked in across the globe, are there any shows coming up you’re particularly looking forward to?

Tini Gessler: I love traveling so I really want to go to the countries I haven’t been to yet. If I had to choose, I would say debuting in Vegas later this year.

EG: What’s your definition of art?

Tini Gessler: Anything creative that brings people to a state of emotion, particularly joy, I think that is the true art.


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