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Trikk: “Knowing your roots is essential but also having a global understanding is key”

One of Porto’s finest exports, a city that is gathering a reputation as a great incubator of underground movements and the ultimate inspirational city for musicians of the most obscure sub-genres. Trikk was praised as a young talent and embraced by so many as new star to look out for. After releasing on labels such ManMakeMusic and Lossless and remixes for Hotflush Recordings, Pets Recordings and more, nothing was left to prove.

As a personal challenge, he moved to London where he now spends his days producing music and djing. Trikk explores mainly house aesthetics in complex tracks, wisely composed. He is fast, slow, rough and smooth all at the same time. Young, courageous and unique: a true member of today’s underground.

We had the chance to talk with Trikk ahead of his performance at the Renaissance showcase to take place at Birmingham’s The Mill on March 2nd. Grab your tickets here.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Trikk, thanks for your time. What have you been up to recently?

Trikk: Thanks for the invite. Recently I’ve been touring and in the studio recording. I just got back from Dubai and I’ve been playing all over. India and Japan were some of the highlights.

EG: Your cultural backgrounds are Portuguese and Mozambican, do you think that has had an influence on your sound?

Trikk: Yes, it definitely had an impact. Not necessarily in all of my music, but there were times when it influenced me and I chased that connection to inspire me. Knowing your roots is essential but also having a global understanding is key.

EG: What is the current underground music scene like in your home town of Oporto? Any there artists we should be listening to?

Trikk: The scene in Porto has become healthier and electronic music has more impact now, more than ever in the local community. I do believe the spotlight that Portugal has had over the last few years with tourism and gentrification has changed the scene a lot. It’s expanding and has a nice momentum going on.

Trikk: Your touring schedule has been pretty hectic recently, playing none stop across the world. Have there been any stand out nights for you?

Trikk: Robert Johnson and recently my all night set at Badaboum in Paris which was a special night for me and a personal one.

“The scene in Porto has become healthier and electronic music has more impact now”

EG: When touring like this, how do you find the time to have some time to yourself and relax?

Trikk: This is a question that has many answers for me, but I’m going to try to keep it simple. I love touring and I find the whole experience very relaxing because I’m doing what I enjoy the most and that makes me feel super good. From the moment of being in transit, to arrival, to having dinner and finally the moment of playing, every single one of these steps has a form of relaxation for me. It’s become a ritual.

EG: On March 2nd you’ll be making your Renaissance debut at their Birmingham event, what are your expectations for the night?

Trikk: I’m very excited for March 2nd, Birmingham has a long history of throwing incredible raves. The Renaissance legacy says it all, I’m happy to be playing.

EG: Can you give some insights into how you prepare for a set?

Trikk: I tend to organize my playlists by key, it gives me what I need to have – mixing flow and functionality in my sets without losing the history I want to create in that moment. Personally, I’m always inclined to have a linear thought process so I don’t lose the plot mid-set. In my mind, the first track I play in some way has to make sense with the last one.

EG: You made your debut to the Innervisions label in 2016. How did the collaboration with Ame & Dixon‘s imprint come about?

Trikk: Dixon and I actually met in quite a corporate way. He and Kristian from Âme were playing a track of mine that I had released on Lossless at the time called ‘Proto-Rhyt’ and I naively messaged him on his artist Facebook page asking for his email and he got right back to me. That same day I sent him some music and we signed it to Innervisions and the rest is history.

“The first track I play in some way has to make sense with the last one”

EG: What is the creative atmosphere like at Innervisions? Has it changed at all over the past few years of you being there?

Trikk: A lot changed, I’ve learned so much from the whole Innervisions family. They have helped me grow as a producer, DJ and a person directly and indirectly. They are always ahead of the curve and curate what they do very well and carefully. It’s more than just producing and playing clubs, it’s a mentality to make sure whatever you put in the world is something that really has meaning and resonates with people, and that connects with my own personality. The motto will always be going forward.

EG: Dixon is headlining the upcoming Renaissance event, what is the relationship like between the two of you?

Trikk: He’s a mentor and a friend.

EG: What would be your advice to any new producers?

Trikk: Capitalist mentality will bring you zero transcendent moments with your own music or DJing itself. With that in mind, do what you really love and don’t think about trends or commercial value. Be patient, your moment will come.

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