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Trutopia: “We all need an outlet and a way of expressing ourselves”

Trutopia is one of London and Ibiza’s most exciting duos. The brothers deliver a fiery mix of classic, deep, electro house that has been championed by Pete Tong, Jaguar, and more on BBC Radio 1. After releases on labels including Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records, Stress Records, and millions of streams, the duo has amassed an army of passionate fans; including the likes of Gorgon City, for whom they opened at Printworks this year. Back with renewed energy and a refined sound for 2022, their next release lands on the mighty Get Physical, a collaboration with Lithuanian-born, London-raised Ibiza resident Greta Levska.

EG caught up with Trutopia to learn more about the drop of their new single ‘Lights Off’, their eventful summer, future endeavors, and much more.

EG: Hi guys! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. Where are you based right now?

Trutopia: Hey Thanks for having us, right now, Ash is in Ibiza, and Kris’s in London.

EG: So, what was your summer like? Any particular highlights?

Trutopia: We had a wicked summer, Ibiza opened properly for the first time in 2 years, and the energy was incredible. So many highlights across the summer, at the start of the season we made our debut at Amnesia on the Terrace, which was incredible! We closed out the summer with one of our favorite festivals to play in the UK, Sundown, such a good crowd down there & it has one of the coolest stage settings we’ve played. You’re basically partying in the woods with one hell of a Soundsystem.

EG: By the way, congratulations on the release of your new single with Greta Levska, ‘Lights Off’! What has the initial reception been like?

Trutopia: ‘Lights Off’ seems to be having a huge reaction & is being championed by some of our fav DJs, including Gorgon City, Wil Clarke, and Jaguar on BBC Radio1, plus more – it’s also flown to the top of the Electronica Chart on Beatport, which is wicked to see!

EG: Is there a concept behind ‘Lights Off’? What can your fans expect to find on this one?

Trutopia: I guess it comes back to spending a lot of time in Ibiza while the clubs were closed. Making music, we envisioned working a dance floor as soon as it opened back up. We used the opportunity to play it all summer in our sets, and it’s safe to say it rumbles a club just the way we intended.

“We are definitely in sync when it comes to knowing what we want out of a tune & just by a facial expression we know if something’s working or not”

EG: What was the process of working with Greta Levska like? Did you guys have a previous relationship?

Trutopia: Greta is wicked, a super-talented producer, knows her sound, and has such a wicked presence. We have known Greta for years, and it’s great to finally work with her, and see her exciting project grow as she releases more with Get Physical in 2023.

EG: You guys are also behind your own Night Mayors imprint. How’s the label doing? Can you guys anticipate anything on that front?

Trutopia: It started off as a little house party in London, where we would live stream our sets and get a few of our mates involved, which have included Ben Sterling, TWilliams, Mad Villains & more. It quickly gained a bit of a rep, seeing the likes of Ministry Of Sound calling it the biggest house party in London! It was only natural to develop the brand into a record label, not only to have full control over our creative output but to bring artists we love & friends we want to showcase to our fans. We have so many exciting new artists releasing, including ones to watch like Latchmere Groove, Mac & Ward, Bu.u.g & Alex Martyn, whose recent release ‘Dance The Night Away’, has been in heavy rotation on BBC Radio1. As 2023 is around the corner, we have so many new artists to introduce, and we can’t wait to continue the journey and get our club night back up and running.

EG: What’s the experience of working together as siblings in a creative space? Is it easy for you guys to align? It seems usually siblings have a more “expressive” way of communication, due to the nature of the relationship…

Trutopia: We are definitely in sync when it comes to knowing what we want out of a tune & just by a facial expression we know if something’s working or not. Recently we have changed how we approach the studio, not so much pressure on what the outcome will be of a session, and it puts all the love back into creating, which is what it’s all about.

EG: What are your thoughts on the current state of the scene? What would you like to see more and less of?

Trutopia: We are loving the scene at the moment, especially on the melodic techno, raw, and electro side. So many interesting/experimental sounds are being brought to productions, and that feels exciting. It’s refreshing to scan through Beatport and hear sounds we wouldn’t have heard 3 years ago, now making it easier to put sets together with new music.

“We are pumped to get back behind the decks & test out a load of new music & next up we are at The Steel Yard London with a huge crew, including Ejeca and Elliot Adamson”

EG: What is art and why do we need it?

Trutopia: We all need an outlet & a way of expressing ourselves, and art seems to be a universal language everyone can speak.

EG: What’s next for Trutopia? What particular milestones are you looking forwards to now? Where can your fans catch you next?

Trutopia: We are loving where we’re at at the moment musically. We are continuing to develop our sound with releases forthcoming on Gorgon City’s Realm, as well as forming new relationships; one being with Franky Wah as we stack up releases for his imprint Shen Presents in 2023. We are also heavily focused on our label Night Mayors, which we have some big plans incoming for ’23. We are pumped to get back behind the decks & test out a load of new music & next up we are at The Steel Yard London with a huge crew, including Ejeca and Elliot Adamson.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, guys! We wish you all the best for the future.

Trutopia: Thanks for getting us on guys, we really enjoyed chatting with you. Thanks for all the support on our latest release ‘Lights Off’, out now on Get Physical.

Trutopia’s new single ‘Lights Off’ is out now via Get Physical. Purchase your copy here.

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