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Tunnelvisions: “Everything Inspires Our Sound”

Tunnelvisions: “Everything inspires our sound”

With an unmistakable ear for imaginative, melodic themes and entrancing rhythms, Tunnelvisions hit the sweet spot by seamlessly fusing worldly influences with analog synthesisers. 2017 smash ‘Guava’, taken from their acclaimed debut album ‘Midnight Voyage’, has amassed more than 6 million Spotify streams, while the Amsterdam-based duo also dropped an EP on Solomun’s revered Diynamic Music imprint earlier this year.

We caught up with Tunnelvisions to talk about their new single ‘Gold Teeth’ on Moscoman’s label Disco Halal

Electronic Groove: Hey, guys, thanks for your time today. Your new single ‘Gold Teeth’ is out now which was released on Disco Halal. How are you feeling about the initial response?

Tunnelvisions: Super positive (just like the song). It feels good to have this track outside of our hands now. We (and Moscoman) have been playing it for a year now, so to see people react to that they can finally listen to themselves is great. Otherwise, it’s difficult to measure response in these times, but it’s all good. We’re proud.

EG: How have you found working alongside Moscoman and Disco Halal?

Tunnelvisions: A lesson in straightforwardness. Disco Halal is to the point and pushes you for the best, and that’s exactly what we want and need. ‘Gold Teeth’ had around 35 versions, with the short radio edit finally being the one we released. Very nice process together with the whole team.

EG: Does your creative process change every time you create a track?

Tunnelvisions: Yes, pretty much, we try not to think too much about it. Every song has to have a unique approach. The basics are just us working in Ableton with instruments and hardware though.

EG: What was your collaborative process on ‘Gold Teeth’? Were you able to get to the studio together?

Tunnelvisions: The vocals of the track started out in a session where we were locked up together in Emiels studio for two weeks. Later, Ray took the instrumental away and used the vocal to create something new around it. The basis of the track was made around a sample that Ray played with guitar, bass, piano, and horns. We then resampled and made it sound old. The drums were mostly made in the Analog Rytm and layered with samples. The rest is magic.

“Disco Halal is to the point and pushes you for the best”

EG: How has COVID impacted you? We have seen a number of artists facing challenges with the lack of shows and restrictions of travel.

Tunnelvisions: Less money, more creative freedom. The bottom line it’s a plus. We’re still trying to make it work but it’s a creative period for sure.

EG: What positives have you taken from the current world situation?

Tunnelvisions: More local thinking, more creativity, minimalist living, solidarity, so much.

EG: Life after COVID, where will you go clubbing first?

Tunnelvisions: P-bar, Heideglühen.

EG: If you could collab with any artist, who would that be and why?

Tunnelvisions: LCD Soundsystem, just to be part of the whole band and learn from such experienced artists. Also, Leon Vynehall is a great producer.

“There’s an inspiration from underground dance music to big pop acts. It’s all soaked up and blended into the Tunnelvisions sound”

EG: Is there anyone who inspires your sound? As a duo and also as individual artists?

Tunnelvisions: Everything inspires our sound. All bets are off from this point. There’s an inspiration from underground dance music to big pop acts. It’s all soaked up and blended into the Tunnelvisions sound.

EG: Are there any upcoming artists you want to shout out?

Tunnelvisions: Big shout out to French II, Sam Goku, Tsepo, Applescal, Horsemen, and all our friends in the music scene. Stay true to who you are and work it.

Tunnelvisions’ ‘Gold Teeth’ is now available. Stream and buy here

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