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Voicedrone: “I’m influenced by different genres but my music is mainly based on my emotions”

Voicedrone is a Georgian musician currently based in London. Running his own label Imprfct he recently released his debut EP ‘Emotional Disorder’, having support by Innervisions head, Dixon.

We had the chance to talk with Voicedrone about what’s next on his music career.

Electronic Groove: Hi Voicedrone, thanks for the time to chat with us. How did you get involved with electronic music?

Voicedrone: Thanks for highlighting my music and being a platform for upcoming and well-established artists. Congratulation for your 10th anniversary as well.

I got into music from an early age. I used to dance for the National Georgian Folk Ensemble for 11 years. Music for dances we used was repetitive as the moves, but same time very diverse and interesting.

Electronic music came later into my life when my mother used to teach science and physics in school. One day she brought home some cassette tapes that her pupils left in the classroom, and one of them was Prodigy’s ‘Fat of the Land’. When I heard it for the first time it just blew me away. It was something I’d never heard before, something really weird and unique. That was a starting point for me to discover more interesting artists and albums from around the world. I could never have imagined that a few years later I would start making music with the same synthesizers and drum machines that Liam Howlett used to create that record.

EG: You come from Georgia, now living in London. Was music part of the move?

Voicedrone: Definitely. My first steps in DJing and production started in Georgia. I would save money every month to go watch international DJs playing in Tbilisi (the capital city of my country). That’s actually how I learned to play records – by watching them! At that time it was almost impossible to own CDJs or Turntables to practice with.

After graduating from Tbilisi’s State University where I studied Economic Relations, I decided to move to England. This country was a place where all my favorite artists and bands were based. It was such a difficult decision to leave my family and friends back home, to a place where I didn’t know anyone or anything but music.

EG: How would you define your current musical style?

Voicedrone: It’s always difficult for me to define my current musical style. I’m influenced by different genres but my music is mainly based on my emotions. I like when people not only listen to music but can see it as well, when you have visions while you listen, when it takes you somewhere you have never been before.

Having a lack of emotional stability is affecting my music a lot. It’s very difficult for me to curate my tracks together as an EP because they are so different emotionally. Many albums I listen to have similar elements within each track tying one tune to the next. But my music, like emotions, vary greatly. My music isn’t going in one direction which is a gift and a challenge but I love challenges. Challenges make everyday better.

“My ideas penetrate through me and my head and hands literally “translate” what’s playing inside me onto drum machines and synthesizers.”

EG: Can you name some important musical influences to you?

Voicedrone: It’s very easy to come up with tonnes of major influences, but it’s harder to really narrow things down to a few, especially when your influences and musical upbringing has been so eclectic as mine has.

When people ask me about my influences sometimes it’s just easier to say “Everything I’ve ever heard” and from one point of view this is true. Everything I hear is going through me and affects what comes out. This is how I come up with my tracks. My ideas penetrate through me and my head and hands literally “translate” what’s playing inside me onto drum-machines and synthesizers.

EG: You recently released ‘Why’ and ‘Nomina’ on Imprfct Records. What was the inspiration to release these tracks in particular?

Voicedrone: Both tracks were recorded and produced in one month after moving into my new studio in London’s Hackney Wick. For the very first time I had my own space where I could work 24/7 without anyone complaining. I am in love with Slow Jams at 105-110Bpm. When you can close your eyes and listen to a theme which is elevating your mood in a perfectly natural way. That was really my main inspiration – to offer listeners the exact musical emotions I hoped they would feel with my music.

EG: Both tracks have videos related. Who did them and what are your thoughts about it?

Voicedrone: Both videos were made by close friends, Dima Konjaria and George Tyebuchava. The video for ‘Nomina’ uses urban shots. They filmed it from double-decker buses to capture mesmerizing parts of London. It can be really hard when other people put visuals to your music but I think the video complements the track’s vibe perfectly.

The video for ‘Why’ we filmed inside the National Library of Georgia. It took several days to get permission to film inside this beautiful building and more to set up real time projection mapping onto the listed walls. We created this world on the walls using lighting and real time projection. The video’s main character – this fantasy creature – comes to life and starts to consume and own the space.

Massive thanks to DG RECREATION crew and the National Library of Georgia for helping create this visual masterpiece.

“I’m playing across Berlin and London during this summer but my main focus is on finishing endless amounts of ideas started this year”

EG: How’s the summer looking for you in terms of gigs? Any special you are looking forward?

Voicedrone: This summer is looking very busy production-wise. I’m working on my live setup, just finished building live and modular rack. In terms of gigs, I’m playing across Berlin and London but my main focus is on finishing endless amounts of ideas started this year.

EG: What’s in the pipeline for Voicedrone?

Voicedrone: First the release of my side-project called Artdepo. I teamed up with the very talented producer Lokiboi from London and we came up with four pure analog jam tracks we recorded in my studio in Hackney Wick. That will be out exclusively on traxsource on 7th May and all other stores on May 14th.

Another three EP’s are lined up to release on my label Imprfct from the very talented artists Jett, Tom Bulwer, and False Idols. I have a few remixes to finish for fellow artists and another two EPs but I can’t really reveal those details yet.

Artdepo’s new EP is available on Imprfct Records.

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