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Ryan Kruger: “We Wanted To Create A Music Festival That We Would Personally Want To Attend With Our Friends”

Ryan Kruger: “We wanted to create a music festival that we would personally want to attend with our friends”

From April 4th-8th, 2018, the stunning Caribbean island of Barbados will be graced with a new week-long music festival.

Going by the name Vujaday, which is defined as “an entirely new experience” and “like nothing you have ever seen or felt before,” the festival will take place in a variety of unique locations around the island, leaving the first and last day of the week-long journey for travel.

Here was sat down with Vujaday partner Ryan Kruger to talk about the festival.

Electronic Groove: Why and how was Barbados chosen as the destination for Vujaday Music Festival?

Vujaday: We came up with the concept of Vujaday before knowing exactly where it was going to be held. The idea was somewhere tropical and a location people from around the world would want to travel to. We visited a few different Islands and few countries in the America’s but Barbados was the first that checked all the boxes for us. Not only is it stunningly beautiful but it has modern infrastructure, extremely nice people, an inviting government who saw the potential and a great local partner. It’s also very safe and has a bit of a history with house music – Not the norm in the Caribbean!

Electronic Groove: What festival or clubbing background is behind the organizing team?

Vujaday: The Vujaday team is made up of three of Toronto’s longest running dance music promoters, Destiny, Embrace and Coda who are and have been behind some of the largest concerts, festivals and events in Canada including Digital Dreams, Electric Island, and WEMF as well as helping found SXM Music Festival in Saint Maarten and Further Future in Las Vegas. Our local partner in Barbados, A&B Music, has been producing concerts and festivals for almost 40 years.

“Beyond venues, we are looking to blend our décor with the natural beauty of the island to create a unique look to the festival”

Electronic Groove: Vujaday promises to be a new experience like nothing ever seen before. Can you give us some insight on how this will be achieved?

Vujaday: Besides being a GREAT name for a festival we really wanted to try and do things a bit different. This can be seen in the festival having 5 different locations over 5 days so that people really get to experience Barbados and not just see the same site day after day. We also made sure to mix in a variety of location types so it’s not just 5 different beach bars or anything like that. We have a massive plantation house, a stunningly beautiful mansion on an oceanside hill, some of the best beach clubs and of course 1 beach bar! Beyond venues, we are looking to blend our décor with the natural beauty of the island to create a unique look to the festival. People will notice a variety of additional touches here and there as we always kept the “Vujaday” meaning in our minds when making most decisions.

Electronic Groove: What is the approach and curating process of the lineup and how it fits into the festival’s concept?

Vujaday: We wanted to create a music festival that we would personally want to attend with our friends. Not too niche or underground but also not in any way mainstream. A wide selection of house that sounds great on the beach under a palm tree or in a lush jungle. We also wanted to differentiate each day so each location would have a unique feel both visually and musically.

Electronic Groove: In terms of sound quality what should we expect?

Vujaday: As mentioned, our local partner has been in the event production business for decades and is the largest and most respected sound company in the Eastern Caribbean. They have the highest quality gear and really know what they are doing when it comes to sound. We are truly lucky to have them part of the festival.

Electronic Groove: For those who are new to Barbados, will there be any support in terms of tourism, where to go and what to see?

Vujaday: We actually put together a tip guide on our website and will be emailing all ticket holders with more info closer to their arrival date. It goes without saying that the azure water and endless beaches are a must but the Island has a very long history and we encourage people to get out and see as much of it as possible!

“Barbados is a modern country that has a great transportation system”

Electronic Groove: How about lodging and transportation?

Vujaday: Barbados is a modern country that has a great transportation system. There is an endless supply of local transport option including taxis, public and private buses and of course lots of rental cars available. We also have a shuttle bus option that will run between some of our partner hotels and the event of the day. Travelers can get more info and purchase a shuttle pass via As for hotels and Villas, that info is also on our website but being one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world, Barbados does not lack for options!

Electronic Groove: I’m sold on the festival! What now?

Vujaday: Go to for information on all aspects of the festival and links to get your 5-day or 1-day passes! We hope to see you soon!

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