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Words Of Niō: “Producing is my passion. It brings me peace”

Spanish multi-instrumentalist Words Of Niō has become a synonym for hypnotic and emotional. From an Ibiza residency at Sankeys to ADE, and Mixmag’s The LAB, Words Of Niō loves to create and spends all his time between Atlanta and Ibiza, either playing or producing, while musically considering himself a sound chameleon due to his willingness to change and adapt and unwillingness to stick to one formula.

Here we sit down with him to chat about his sonic vision and his latest release ‘Cold Shoulder’ recently released via Get Physical.

Electronic Groove: Hi Yul, welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you with us for a chat once again. How have you been doing? Where are you based right now?

Words Of Niō: HI there, thank you for having me back! Always a pleasure to catch up. I’m currently back and forward between Atlanta and Ibiza but currently looking to make Ibiza more permanent.

Electronic Groove: Very nice! Last time we spoke was almost a year ago. What has happened since?

Words Of Niō: Well as you know the pandemic has created an interesting reset in so many ways, so I have been homeschooling my kids and spending as much time with them as possible. I have also been working on a lot of new music and staying in touch with those who matter the most to me, I call them “my support system”.

“It was inspired by those moments when you feel rejected by a loved one or the world itself, but no matter what gets thrown at us, we get up!”

Electronic Groove: Now you’re behind a phenomenal release for Get Physical Music in ‘Cold Shoulder’. Congratulations! What’s the story with this one?

Words Of Niō: Yes, very excited about this release. Get physical is a label that I love and always admired. They have released so many records that have inspired me to make music and to be part of it now is like a dream come true!. Not to mention the team behind it!!! is phenomenal. As far as ‘Cold Shoulder’ I can easily say it was unknown territory, but I refuse to stick to one formula. This is a track with an interesting contrast, it has a dark tone to it, but ultimately positivity takes the lead. It was inspired by those moments when you feel rejected by a loved one or the world itself, but no matter what gets thrown at us, we get up! We continue the fight!

Electronic Groove: It’s quite a unique single, we must say…with twist and turn, but enigmatic. It kinda keeps you second-guessing all the time as a listener. What was the process in the studio for this one like? Was it created with that particular intention in mind?

Words Of Niō: I like how you stated “keeps you second-guessing”. I think it’s due to the fact that the groove is driving while the vocals are pulling in a different direction “emotionally”, but it works.

The process? I focused a lot on the groove, I wanted people to feel it. The rest was pretty much allowing the creative energy to flow through me. No resistance, just me being a medium for that force to manifest itself and lastly, I use what I called, my support system, which is comprised of a few close friends/producers from all around the world whose feedback I trust, like Heik, David Balmont, Sarcasmo, Aree, Gam3, Lulianos, Nairo, and Mainleaf.

Electronic Groove: And it also features a dazzling take on ‘Cold Shoulder’ by Jelisco. What did you make of it? How do you feel about other people remixing your music?

Words Of Niō: Jalisco’s take on it was definitely interesting. He went on a happier note which made it a good contrast for the release. I think remixing is an art in itself. I personally have done a lot of remixes and I welcome them on my music as well.

Electronic Groove: Have you picked up any new concepts or gear since the beginning of the pandemic? A lot of artists have veered into different styles during the last year. Do you notice any change in yours?

Words Of Niō: Yes, I have gotten some new studio monitors, the Neumann KH 120A and Soundtoys plugins which I love. Also, I have been trying to step away from my usual method of writing to push myself into new territories. At times can be challenging since my workflow can be affected, but ultimately it’s very rewarding creatively.

Electronic Groove: Last time we spoke, you mentioned taking time to do some deep crate-digging. What did you find? Any new artists you weren’t aware of?

Words Of Niō: Yes, so many artists to name here!. But I can name some labels where I found some great musicians such as Rackmizar, Innervisions, Giegling, Get Physical, Berg Audio, Keinemusik, Moan, Borders Of Light, Atlant, Moblack, Disco Halal, No Art, Siamese, Oddity, and many more.

“Producing is my passion. It brings me peace. It allows me to go within to that place where calmness exists”

Electronic Groove: Have you played again since the lockdowns have been lifted? What was the first track you played? If you haven’t, do you know which one you NEED to play with a proper sound system?

Words Of Niō: Not yet, that’s in the works right now! A track I need to hear in a proper sound system? umm so many to be honest! but right now I would say ‘Aperion’ by my good friend brother like Heik soon to be released in Oddity. It’s such an emotional track. It just feels right… the sense of hope and strength that brings is truly remarkable and the Remix by Gardens of God makes this the perfect pair for me.

Electronic Groove: What else can we expect from Words Of Niō in the future? What new milestones are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Words Of Niō: Expect more studio time! Producing is my passion. It brings me peace. It allows me to go within to that place where calmness exists. Milestones would to get some more music out and start getting on the road and visiting those places I have been getting so much love from.

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time Yul! We wish you all the best for the future!

Words Of Niō: No, thank you guys for the consistent support you have given me, it means to the world to have such a well-known and respected blog like EG supporting my journey. Until then!! Best wishes.

‘Cold Shoulder’ by Words of Niō is now available via Get Physical. Grab your copy here

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