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Yulia Niko: “Living In NYC And Berlin Has Been A Perfect Gateway To Take Me Where Electronic Music Is Heading In The Near Future”

Yulia Niko: “Living in NYC and Berlin has been a perfect gateway to take me where electronic music is heading in the near future”

Photo Credit: Max Abzt

Yulia Niko is best known for her creative and diverse techno sound. Starting her career as a DJ in Sochi, Russia, she immediately found her love with the underground electronic music. Upon receiving her law degree, she moved to Brooklyn to continue her education where her journey of producing and playing her own techno tracks started. She had the opportunity to express herself and support techno music with the most respected talents in the city. Currently, she’s residing in Berlin working on her vinyl-only label TochnoTechno.

We had the chance to talk with Yulia ahead of her upcoming South American tour.

Electronic Groove: Hi Yulia, it’s a pleasure to chat with you. First I would like to thank you for the special mix you did for us. We still have it on rotation! Can you give us an insight about the inspiration and mixing style behind it?

Yulia Niko: Thanks to you for having me on EG! I was digging through your podcast catalog to get a taste of the tracks being played and they sounded pretty dark deep house.  For this podcast I created my own mixing style, added my own house and minimal tracks, a few techno hot tunes and directed myself towards a housy direction.

I’ve been creating mixes since I was 15 years old and always try to have a meaning for each one of them. This time I wanted to provide a variety of my mixing skills and play a few harder tracks versus my usual groovy and softer podcasts. I’m so glad it’s still on rotation!

Electronic Groove:  You had a very busy 2017 with many ace productions. Do you have a favorite one that comes out as a big achievement or maybe the most challenging one?

Yulia Niko: My biggest achievement in 2017 was the track called ‘Zurich’, released on Get Physical. Honestly, one of the most creative tracks I’ve ever made. The day the first loop with freaky sub bass bump and fat kick came up, I was absolutely sure that it was a bomb and would be historically remembered. This track has a powerful energy and I’m super impressed with the idea to create a drop that has never been made before. I highly recommend all DJ’s to play it out, truly special one!

Electronic Groove:  What can you tell about TochnoTechno?

Yulia Niko: Tochno in Russian means “precisely”, being a hardcore, pure and straight minimal techno to the heart.

Tochno is the product of a project I’ve collaborated with some of the finest producers around, ready to get on the stage, at the right time. We’ll provide minimal techno to the levels people deserve with a no-BS attitude and hours of top quality beats.

“My biggest achievement in 2017 was the track called ‘Zurich’, released on Get Physical”

Electronic Groove: What’s the process behind the artist and track selection for the label?

Yulia Niko: Since I started in the music industry, I’ve always been surrounded by some amazing talent that has always supported me. Now, with my label I’m supporting my friends and picking new artists who I can see with future potential and to collaborate with.

My track selection is pretty easy, if I like the track I’ll ask the artist for me to play it live and see the crowd’s reaction as well. If it makes sense to my unique flavor, I’ll immediately sign it. Easy

Electronic Groove: Can you give an insight on any new material you’re currently working on?

Yulia Niko: Sure! Prior to moving to Berlin, I lived in NYC for 4 years where I was able to study and improve my technique with local artists and renowned DJ’s. This experience gave me the opportunity to start creating new and own material. Now, that I’m living in Berlin I get to listen to new vinyl, and music genres that other places around the globe doesn’t offer.

All this research and experiences that I’ve had in NYC and Berlin has been a perfect gateway to take me where electronic music is heading in the near future. Having said that, I’m working on a new album focused on house music, real one, not minimal or techno. This project I’m working on is entitled ‘All House You’. Be ready, coming very soon!

Electronic Groove:  What do you prefer, production time in the studio or touring and Djing?

Yulia Niko: That’s a great question and a hard one for me to answer. As you can tell, I’m a very sociable person and I enjoy to talk with everyone. I love touring since I can meet new artists and listen to new tastes of music that provide me with ideas for new tracks to produce. These ideas and inspiration will take me to the studio, where I lock myself up and concentrate only on producing music. I guess I prefer to do both since they lead me to creative music production.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any gigs you’re looking forward to for the coming season?

Yulia Niko: I’m excited to announce a few gigs; first I’ll be touring during all spring season in South America. I’m playing with Paco Osuna in Panama during the Ibiza Sonica festival on March 17th. I’m heading to Montañita, Ecuador to play at the infamous Lost Beach Club, powered by Function One sound system. I’m also playing at Chile on March 23rd and 24th, and I hop back on a plane to Spain’s white isle to play at Ibiza Talents birthday anniversary on March 31st. Also, I’ll be playing at Ibiza Global Radio show.

“I’m working on a new album focused on house music, real one, not minimal or techno.
This project I’m working on is entitled ‘All House You’”

Electronic Groove: You’re originally from Russia. What can you tell us about the scene there?

Yulia Niko: The scene in Russia has changed for good since I started my musical journey in 2005. I grew in South Russia and we didn’t get to hear much techno or house. Since my return from NYC, I was able to play records at the most infamous underground venues. A few places I’ve played there are Gazgolder (Moscow), Stackenschneider (St. Petersburg), XoXo (Krasnodar). I would love to come back anytime and keep playing records in my native country. There are also so many great producers making sick tracks! Be ready!  Actually, next upcoming release on my vinyl record label is Russian acid stuff by local techno gurus Tripmastaz, Koett, Oleg Mass and myself.

Electronic Groove: Can you share with us some of your favorite tracks on rotation?

Yulia Niko: I am really enjoying latest Archie Hamilton’s projects. One of my favorite it’s a remix on Noha’s track, Cat. Lovely track.

Electronic Groove: Thanks for the time Yulia, we hope to see you soon. All the best in 2018!

Yulia Niko: Thank you guys for the supporting. Hopefully talk soon again!

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