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Introducing ‘Spotify Mixes’, new custom playlists

They are intended to replace the current Daily Mix.

Spotify has introduced a new kind of custom playlists called ‘Mixes’, a machine-learning track selection based on what you’ve listened to before and the songs Spotify thinks you’ll like. It will replace the current ‘Daily Mix’ series and will focus on genres, artists, and musical decades such as ‘Pop Mix’ or ‘2000s Mix’, among others, instead of the already known ‘Daily Mix 1’, ‘2’, etc.

Spotify says that in each mix, the category will have multiple playlists and will update frequently and automatically. Spotify also added: ‘They are designed to grow with you over time, so they will take your listening into account, to help you discover and delve into your new favorite artists, discoveries, genres and decades.’

The new playlists are now rolling out for Premium users. Learn more about ‘Spotify Mixes’ here.

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