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Inwards goes modular on ‘Bright Serpent’

The album follows his ‘Feelings of Unreality’ EP released in 2019.

‘Bright Serpent’ is the name of musician Kristian Shelley‘s new LP, also known as Inwards. This material resulted from an introspective series of synthesizer-led modular psychedelic experiments.

The album combines electronic rhythms with real instrument sounds, vocals, and field recordings to create sound images capable of transporting you to an internal sound world. ‘This time I used my voice as an instrument on this album, which is something new for me. There are also sounds that I recorded years ago: friends’ conversations, sounds from a construction site; anything I could manipulate to add atmosphere’ explains Inwards.

The fresh material was written and recorded almost entirely in an isolated shack the musician built in Worcestershire, Great Britain. The booth is equipped with a variety of musical and studio equipment, consisting primarily of a custom modular synth system, where he’s free to make music at any time of the day, without interruptions.

Inwards‘Bright Serpent’ will be released on April 10th, 2020 by Small Pond Recordings on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Listen to the title track and watch a demonstration the artist did playing live.


1. Skateboarding
2. Welcome To The Gang
3. OK_Yes
4. Tottertot
5. Bright Serpent
6. Flowers
7. 19TET
8. At Height
9. As You Do
10. Balloon


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