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Irene Radice – Foehn – Manual Music

Italo-Venezuelan artist Irene Radice is back on the scene after a short hiatus. Re-inventing her sound and vision, Radice now lands on Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music imprint with ‘Foehn’, her latest EP. Boasting two new original cross-genre dancefloor-oriented tracks with an analog feel, and two remixes by Edu Yattah and Nhar, ‘Foehn’ signals an inspirational return by the South American producer.

With a minimalistic, razor-sharp frame, Radice sets the mood for ‘Foehn’ as hypnotic pads lure us in before a pulsating bassline moves our foundations. Steering the harmonics on a different course, Irene forces them to collide against a colorful, neon-bright lead and a hazy wall of voices. Illuminating our way, keys light up, one by one in the haze, showing us a path to momentary bliss.

In a proto-organic rework, Edu Yattah deploys his ‘Muse Mix’, where tribal drums set the cadence as a stream of music from the original version traverses, liquified, in what feels like an LSD infused memory of Irene’s original track. Deeper into this psychedelic forest, Edu Yattah navigates his vessel into darker waters where the echoes of yesterday masterfully decorate this out-of-body experience.

The second original creation by Radice comes in the shape of ‘Umdam’. Thick, its prancing low end steals all the looks until showstopping synths are cut loose from their leashes and allowed to roam freely through the canvas. As the song progresses, delectable blips and vapors emerge from the depths of the picture, with each particle rising to the surface, bathing in the promised sunshine that lies above.

The last bit of magic in this Manual Music release comes courtesy of Nhar, who exposes ‘Umdam’ at its most vulnerable, delighting listeners with a more Progressive-oriented take that showcases the sunlight on the other side. This is what happens to ‘Umdam’ as it disintegrates in its wonderous journey to the heart of the sun.

Irene Radice’s ‘Foehn’ EP is out now via Manual Music. Grab your copy here.

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