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Italian disco legend Pino D’Angiò passes away

Due to lung cancer.

Photo credit: Pino D’Angiò – Facebook

Pino D’Angiò, the iconic figure of Italian disco music from the ’80s, has passed away at 71 years old due to lung cancer.

His wife Teresa and son Francesco announced his passing. D’Angiò had faced numerous health issues, including throat cancer, a heart attack, and lung cancer. Despite these challenges, he always returned to work as a voice actor, actor, and music producer.

Known for his distinctive crumpled look and a lit cigarette, D’Angiò, born Giuseppe Chierchia in Pompei, achieved international fame. His famous song, ‘Ma Quale Idea,’ recently gained popularity again with a remix by Bnkr44, leading to a Sanremo duet in February.

D’Angiò’s hoarse voice brought life to Italy’s first rap, ‘Ma Quale Idea,’ which topped Spanish charts for 14 weeks in 1980. In 1981, he released the ironic ‘Un Concerto Da Strapazzo,’ imagining duets with top stars. His career included international tours and awards, including the 2001 Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in the USA. He also wrote ‘Ma Chi è Quello Lì’ for Mina.

In 2022, his track ‘Okay Okay’ was used in Amazon’s Black Friday ads globally. In 2023, he toured Italy, Switzerland, London, and Paris, performing in pubs and clubs.

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