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Jacob Groening – Neko – Kamai Music

Jacob Groening drops a new organic house EP on Kamai Music, which also features remixes by Xique-Xique and Kermesse.

Kamai Music is Jacob Groening’s own record label and the imprint shares his deep and atmospheric style that revolves around percussion that’s sequenced into dance floor-focused rhythms.

Along with numerous releases by Jacob Groening, Kamai Music has also featured music from others ranging from Namito to Dandara. Kermesse is a regular feature on Kamai Music, but Xique-Xique makes its record label debut with this remix.

‘Neko’ is the opening track and its tinkling melodies plus softly spoken oriental vocals are pushed forth by a juddering bassline. It’s an intimate cut with tension-building pads that become a prominent part of the breakdown.

Xique-Xique’s remix of ‘Neko’ adds a throbbing new bassline and makes more use of the pads while maintaining the original’s melody. Its extended breakdown and stripped-back percussion give it a much more melodic feel.

The second of the originals, ‘Suingu’, is focused on the mesmerizing melody of an oriental string instrument. Mixing in a wonky sample that gives the track trippy vibes, it has got a very distinctive sound that’s carried on the rhythm of shuffling percussion.

Kermesse’s remix of ‘Suingu’ rearranges the original’s parts into shorter samples with choppy rhythms that add a quirky funk to the track. They also add their own chord stabs and strip away some of the original’s trippy elements to focus on the percussive flow to round out the EP.

‘ is out now via Kamai Music. Purchase your copy here.

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