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Jacque Saravanté & Lina Prey come together for ‘Body Work’ EP

Featuring four slices of sultry house music.

Glaswegian artist Jacque Saravanté has linked up with Barcelona’s Lina Prey for ‘Body Work’, their latest EP. The 4-tracker is out on Jan 29th, courtesy of the Accueil label.

Brimming with nods to classic house but with an eye out for the future, Saravanté & Prey unleash ‘Wanderer’, ‘Dreaming of U’, ‘Slightly Amateur’, and the titular ‘Body Work’, in a 23-minute long EP that rides like a shiny-disco-rollercoaster.

You can listen to Jacque Saravanté & Lina Prey’s ‘Body Work’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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