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James Holden Announce New Album With Newly Expanded Band (Audio)

James Holden announce new album with newly expanded band (Audio)

“Let yourself be transported to a magical other world of instinct and intuition with this bold new set of synth-led folk-trance standards”

James Holden just revealed he is about to release a new album entitled ‘The Animal Spirits’ with his newly expanded band.

Following the acclaimed 2013’s ‘The Inheritors’ the 9-track LP will be out via his own Border Community label and brings collaborations from artist’s long time friends Tom Page, Etienne Jaumet as well as Marcus Hamblett, Liza Bec and Lascelle Gordon.

‘The Animal Spirits’ was recorded live at his Sacred Walls studio in single takes, with no overdubs and no edits. As the press note mentions the new full length is Holden’s  “most ambitious work to date  – but surely also his most direct and accessible”.

The album’s lead track ‘Pass Through The Fire’ was inspired by Holden’s collaborations with Moroccan Gnawa music icon Maalem Mahmoud Guinia. As he commented, “This was where I got the idea that songs are just backbones or seeds and the strong ones teach/reveal themselves to the players rather than the other way round”.

‘The Animal Spirits’ will be out November 3rd on Border Community. You can pre-order here.

Listen to ‘Pass Through The Fire’  below.


1. Incantation For Inanimate Object
2. Spinning Dance
3. Pass Through The Fire
4. Each Moment Like The First
5. The Beginning & End Of The World
6. Thunder Moon Gathering
7. The Animal Spirits
8. The Neverending
9. Go Gladly Into The Earth

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