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James Solace shares 5 key studio tips

James Solace, also known as Burnski, has made his name through a penchant for moving through many styles of music with ease, always being one step ahead of the trend and mixing the new with the old. Whether it be his trade-mark tech-house grooves, his productions are always of the highest quality.

Following a remix on Hottrax, Uk producer is back under his James Solace alias to release ‘Mind Music’, a formidable first full release featuring four equally as impressive tracks released this February on Hot Creations.

Today James Solace shares 5 tips he used to produce his latest EP, ‘Mind Music’, via Hot Creations.

1. Make ideas and move on giving them time to breathe.

I always tend to work like this getting lots of ideas down in small bursts. I try to make a track in a few hours, then move on. I then go back and finish them down the line. It might not be for everyone but it helps me get more done as I set limits so I don’t spend too long and get lost in the track.

2. Simplify your set up.

I have about 15 synths, and to be honest, I would recommend just getting one and learn it inside out. I used to have all mine plugged in at once, jumping from one to the other like a mad man. Now I limit the options and the results improved as I’m not making it all over-complicated.

3. Just keep showing up.

Sometimes you are going at it for days on end and it seems at the time your not hitting the right notes: those sketches will always come in hand down the line though and might merge with another project or lead onto something else. It’s just a process but you need to be moving forward with it all the time.

4. Do what gets you excited.

I’ve always navigated my time in the studio around that simple question. If I ever get stuck with what I want to make I just think about that. The answer always comes and you crack on.

5. Leave it alone now and again.

Having breaks is such an important thing with making music. You need to leave it all alone and go do something else now and again. You lose your clarity if you go at it non stop for months without a break. It took me years to realize that part but it really is important.

James Solace’s ‘Mind Music’ EP is about to be out via Hot Creations. Stream and download here.

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