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Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick Drop ‘Fairytale Frequency’

Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick drop ‘Fairytale Frequency’

A highly anticipated reunion.

Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick joined their talents to release what could be one of the most sought after EPs of the year, we refer to ‘Fairytale Frequency’. The record, which will be available soon via Hot Creations, showcases two new tracks.

The material, according to Fitzpatrick, “represents the union of our production styles” and shows sounds tailored by both artists. The tracks included are ‘Fairytale Frequency’, which lends its name to the package, and is full of tribal patterns and female vocals; and ‘Sundancing’, which is reminiscent of the early days of the label with its warm bassline and its deep, emotional and soft vocals.

The EP is now available via Hot Creations. Stream and buy here.

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