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Jamie Stevens’ 10 picks from the Late Night Music Catalog

Late Night Music joyfully marks its 50th release by introducing none other than the illustrious Jamie Stevens to its esteemed lineup of electronic maestros. Globally acclaimed for his pioneering contributions to electronic music, Jamie unveils his latest EP, ‘Traag,’ a sonic masterpiece showcasing his mastery in progressive sound.

To dive deeper into Jamie Stevens’ sonic realm, he has personally chosen his top 10 tracks from the Late Night Music catalog. Join us for a musical journey as the electronic virtuoso shares his favorite picks!

Pre-order your copy of Jamie Steven’s ‘Traag’ here.

01. Wolfframm – Supermodel

02. Mike Rish – Killing Time

03. Fraser – High Tides

04. Nila – Interpolation of Self (Diego Moreira Remix)

05. Blanka Barbara – Arcane Rites (Leah Marie & James Beetham Remix)

06. Wolfframm – Manta (Fourthstate Remix)

07. Connor Mac – Flow Process (Imran Khan Remix)

08. Fourthstate – Wondershot (Framewerk Remix)

09. Dmitry Molosh – Glide

10. Ewan Rill – This Kind (Jamie Stevens Remix)

Pre-order your copy of Jamie Steven’s ‘Traag’ here.

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