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Jason Rault – Friction – Capadi Music

Jason Rault opens his new ‘Friction’ EP with ‘Dubtribe’, a cool, deep slice of dub techno, set at a leisurely pace perfect for these lazy summer days. Drums and bass interplay in a way that creates an irresistible forward momentum, adding a bit of drive to the track amid the hazy pads and echoing stabs. It’s a simple, straightforward cut, yet full of minimal details that together add up to an interesting, refreshing time on the dancefloor.

Next comes ‘Friction’, where Rault lets the Bpm’s loose while retaining the dubby vibe of the previous track. A faster pace makes for a more immediate, urgent atmosphere, smoothed over by the bouncing synths that ricochet all across the beats, resulting in a whirlwind of sound and textures. Although it is quite linear in its progression, the breakdown offers the chance to rein in all the track´s elements for a bit of respite, only to come back full force and give it the final push toward the song´s conclusion.

Closing the EP is ‘Pressure Cooker’, a collaboration with Taimur, which shows a quirkier side for this EP, setting the dub elements aside and instead of using a growling baseline and squawking effects mounted on a minimal, yet fast-paced, beat. A clever use of drum programming gives the track an interesting progression and gives it a solid foundation from which to launch the unusual synth screeches that lay on top.

Jason Rault’s ‘Friction’ EP is now available on Capadi Music. Grab your copy here

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