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Jason Rault – Medieval – NG Trax

Jason Rault – Medieval – NG Trax

It’s been quite some time since Jason Rault represented USA in the BURN Residency, but the DJ and producer hasn’t slept since. With notable releases on labels like Truesounds Music and Typ3, the Mauritius-born producer now lands on NG Trax with his ‘Medieval’ EP.

Comprised of 3 tracks, ‘Medieval’ showcases a lush sound throughout, where silk-laden grooves reign supreme. The album opener ‘Elajo’ is uniquely warm in nature, as pads rise and swell, brimming with that vintage house flavor. It’s a gorgeous outing that keeps rolling on the back of some detailed drum work. For ‘Medieval’, the artist gets down and funky with a highly energetic cut, where a strobing synth line takes the lead as it blazes through the dancefloor. Built on the back of a monster beat, ‘Medieval’ sees him take no prisoners for a peak-hour blinder of a track.

For the final act, Rault brings out ‘Ryzen’. Jet black from the onset, the track is deeper than its counterparts, as the producer lays down a behemoth of a frame. Here, the fog rises as beautiful sounds sway in and out of the mist. It’s mysterious, sexy and gripping while tying the EP together as a whole.

‘Medieval’ definitely stands out as a masterclass of an EP from Jason Rault, as he explores the different faces and moods of house music. From light to darkness seamlessly, he paints a mesmerizing picture of what modern house feels like.

Jason Rault‘s ‘Medieval’ is out now via NG Trax. Grab your copy here.

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