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Jason Rault & Space Invaders announce back-to-back marathon set at Floyd Miami

Over 10 straight hours of music.

Mauritian DJ and producer Jason Rault has unveiled his plans for an exclusive marathon set at Floyd Miami together with the Space Invader collective. The event will go through this Friday, July 30th, at 11:00 PM.

‘Once a year we bend the rules a tad more and push the limits of a marathon set in our tiny wild nook. Expect a royal rumble of sounds by Jason Rault and the Space Invader DJs as the early night will keep going way past sunrise!’ can be read on the official press release for the event, with both the 2018 and 2019 editions clocking in at 11hrs

You can purchase your tickets for the event here, and relive the first 4 hours from 2018’s edition below.

Photo by Adinayev

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